Monday, August 3, 2015

August Goals

I'm sure know we all say it every month but, goodness time sure does fly these days!  The saying is true, time flies so much faster once you have a baby!  Plus, Jack turning 6 months at the end of July... gah, gut punch!  And now I am completely off track from where this blog post is supposed to be going.... Goals.  To see how I did for July & what's up for August.  So, let's see what all I checked off that goal list!


+ Build out the hall closet & organize it  Matt built, I organized!
+ Organize the guest room In a bit of a frenzy but, you can now sleep in the bed! Woo Hoo!
+ Clean up the flower beds in the front yard
+ Have a family zoo day
+ Have a back yard family dinner night
+ Make a budget & stick to it I wouldn't say we stuck to it... :/
+ Have a "no spending" week
+ Make a meal plan & stick to it
+ Workout 3x per week I did really good at the beginning of the month with this & the next goal... & then not-so-great the rest of the month.
+ Visit the park or take walks with Jack 2-3 days a week


+ Have a date night with Matt
+ Stick to our meal plans each week
+ Make a budget - stick to it
+ Have a "no spending" week
+ Organize the office
+ Print Jack's 6 month pictures
+ Walk 3-4 times a week
+ Workout 3-4 times a week

A mix of a little bit of everything for this month!  Going to be intentional about checking off my whole goal list this month... stay tuned!

Check out my meal plan for this week here!

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