Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jack Montgomery - 7 Months!

I'm in denial that we have a 7 month old & therefore this post is a good 2 weeks late!
And I have a wild child... enjoy these pictures!

Alllll the cliché sayings are true... Time flies faster once children are born... They really do grow up so fast... etc. etc. I personally cannot believe we have a 7 month old! Matt & I tell each other often how in awe we are that we even have a baby - we still can't believe it!  The last few weeks teething has been a straight up nightmare!  I didn't want his teeth to come in for sake of him no longer looking like a baby but now, I can't wait for them to come in!  Despite the crankiness, fussing, clinginess and waking through the night like a newborn, Jack has continued to be a pretty happy baby!  He's funny & loves flirting with the girls - mainly ones that come up & tell him how cute he is!  Lord help me!!

Hair:  He still has a lot of it but, it's certainly thinned out since He was born!  On the sides & back it is all short but, on top it is long!  Like  inches long!!

Eyes: Blue! Blue! Blue!

Diapers: Size 3, Huggies Snug & Dry

Clothes: Pajamas - 9 months.  The snap-up pj's fit best around his big 'ol thighs but, the zip-up ones do still work... we just have to make them work.  As far as clothes, 6 months still fit but, some are getting too small just depends on the brand.  He can fit in 9 month clothes already & has been for a little while now but, trying to get all the wear out of the 6 monthers that we can!

Sleeping: Ugh, what an awful subject!  Right at 6 months He went cold turkey with no more of a middle-of-the-night bottle but, would still wake up once maaaybe twice.  Matt is the lighter sleeper of the two of us so He would just go in & put his pacifier in & come right back to bed.  That lasted for about 2 weeks and then, then Jack started waking 2-3 times during the night & being difficult to get back to sleep.  Now, Jack is waking multiple times throughout the night & is a bear to get back to sleep!  We've literally reverted to newborn sleeping & it's the worst!  I'm blaming it all on teething & I think we are finally seeing one bottom tooth pop through!!! (9/11/15)  Praise Jesus! Hallelueh!!

Eating: Still taking 6 5oz bottles a day.  The last bottle of the night is a 6oz bottle but, it hasn't seemed to phase his sleeping schedule the last few weeks - awesome.  We started purees at 5 1/2 months & other than when we're having really bad teething days, He's a champ and loooves to eat!  {Baby food post coming soon!}

+ Just as He turned 7 months he rolled from his back to his tummy... & now rolls everywhere!

+ Speaking of rolling, his favorite place to roll is either under the coffee table or to the couch & then skooch backwards!

+ No signs of crawling yet but, as mentioned He loves to skooch backwards on his belly.

+ He also loves being in his walker!  He literally goes everywhere!  It's a sense of independence for him & a breather for Mom & Dad!

+ His exersaucer is something else He loves to play in & has loved being in it for the last couple of months!

+ Most recently we turned his playmat into the ball pit & He has really enjoyed it!  He's proud of himself for sitting up & just thinks he is too cool!!

+ This boy loves to laugh & will laugh at everything - Bingham our dog, walking through the grocery store, people talking, playing games with him. He just laughs a lot & I love it!

+ Is starting to become aware of hats on people, mainly men & towels on my head & needless to say isn't a fan of them!  He warns up eventually but, at first could certainly do without them in his sight!

+ We have a tv remote diver!  Doesn't matter where it is, he's going for it!  He loves the lights on it!  & now, we've started hiding it from him, ha!

+ And finally, sitting up like a big boy!!

We love you Jack Montgomery!  You keep us on our toes & laughing all the time - we know this is only the beginning of each of these things!


  1. He is absolutely precious!!! Happy 7 months Jack. :)

  2. He is such a cutie!! I hope his sleeping continues to improve!!


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