Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September Goals!

Ok... So I did not do so hot in August!  Well I was hot but... Ok, ok lame I know!  Anyways, I sucked at achieving my goals last month!  This month I'm keeping it easy (so I can feel accomplished) & actually get things done!  It's important to have realistic, attainable goals for yourself so that you're not always feeling like you're failing. Although some failure is good in life, it's never any fun. Success is much more enjoyable!  So, here's to a successful September!

August Goals

+ Have a date night with Matt Family date night success
+ Stick to our meal plans each week I'm going to give it to us... we've done pretty good!
+ Make a budget & stick to it... Err not so good here
+ Have a "no spending" week... Didn't happen... things keep popping up!!
+ Organize the office
+ Print Jack's 6 month pictures I got them back later than I figured so, it hasn't happened yet.
+ Walk/Workout 3-4 times a week... Fail!

September Goals

+ Organize the office - this place is a hot mess & now, more than ever I need it to be in working order!
+ Werk on growing my new, baby business - The Fancy Yancey Shop
+ Make progress on the garage organization project - Due Jan. 2016!
+ Print Jack's 6 month pictures
+ Stick to our meal plans! Eating out is killing our budget... & bodies!
+ Take some time out for myself
+ Get together for play groups 1-2 times a week!
+ Find some fun things for Jack around Ft Worth
+ Start making Christmas buying list - I know, insanely early but, we are on a bigger budget than ever this year!  & yes, I've actually bought Jack a few things already!

What are your goals for September?

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