Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday Talk

Hey friends!  It's been a little hectic around the home front hence the small hiatus from the blog!

The other evening I was texting with a girlfriend who is due soon with a sweet baby girl.  We were talking about pregnancy & all the changes & such that come along with it & then of course parenthood.  There's so much more that comes with parenthood than just a new baby... the instant love you have & emotions they can bring forth.  People tried to tell Matt & I before Jack was born about parenthood & we've tried to tell our friends since but, the truth is you can never be prepared for just how much your life is going to change... & in the most positive of ways!  However, my friend sent me this video & it's about as close to describing to a new parent-to-be what parenthood is all about that I've seen or read!

I most definitely ugly cried & laughed as I watched the video & agreed with everything they said (& Matt got a little choked up himself)!  So, grab a tissue & watch this great video!

What is something you wish you knew before becoming a parent?  Or what would you tell loved ones to expect?

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