Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Traditions & Fun!

I'll be honest, we don't really have any Halloween traditions but, they do sound like a lot of fun!  I feel like now that I'm a mom & as Jack gets older we will be incorporating more fun and making new traditions with our little family.  Growing up we always lived out in the country so, no one came by our house for candy and we always "went into town" to trick or treat.  Funny we're going to two different friends houses tomorrow evening for Halloween fun too!

I started perusing around online just to see what others do for Halloween & to save some ideas for years ahead!
Here's what I found!

1. BOO friends or family!  You put together a small, fun pack of Halloween goodies and anonymously leave it on someones front door with instructions of how to keep the ghost adventures going.  I just might have to start this come October 1st next year!  Here's a great example of a BOO'd gift {with free printables}!

2. - Have a Fall beer tasting!  Matt & I sort of did this but, spread it out over several days.  Would be fun to do with friends & have snacks with the tasting!  {Full review here}

3. - Make Pumpkin Dip!  I actually have already made this a tradition and make it quite a bit in the Fall!  My friends even expect it from me now - ha!  {Christina's original recipe here}
The excitement is real, y'all!

For the kids... Make Mummy & Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Pizzas!  Who doesn't love homemade pizzas & getting creative with them - so cute!

4. - Get crafty!  I've seen things from painted pumpkins, to baby ghost feet & candy corn!  Of course Pinterest has a whole slew of great ideas!  Jack "painted" this adorable mini pumpkin at school on Wednesday!  We may have to bust out the art supplies over the weekend for one more craft!

5. - Watch holiday shows!  It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown came on again last night
!  This hasn't been something that I've necessarily looked forward to over the years but, you can bet the first time it came on this season I was a little giddy inside & wanted it to be on for Jack to "watch".  I've also recorded some other pumpkin/Halloween related shows on the DVR for Jack!
Halloween Movie For Kids

What are some of your Halloween traditions?

I hope everyone has a safe & happy Halloween!!

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Ghost of Halloween Past

Since Halloween is upon us (this week!!) I thought it might be fun to look back over the years at some past Halloween costumes!  Some are from my previous job - every year we would decorate the front window where customers would walk up, decorate the inside of our office & all dress up according to the theme we chose for that year!  It was really fun & co-workers & customers would come visit us just to see what we were for the year - you know, because we kept it a secret until the day of!

In 2010 we were musicians!  We had Cyndi Lauper, I was Dolly Parton, Cher & Gene Simmons from KISS!

We were out to lunch... Everyone in the restaurant had a good laugh with us!

That same year Matt & I went out as a "Cowboy & Indian"!  This was definitely a fun night!!

In 2011 we went with a 60's theme & decided to dress up our front window as a 60's diner!  This was a rather easy theme but, still pretty fun!

This wasn't on Halloween but, an 80's birthday party close to Halloween!  I think Matt & I pulled off the 80's look pretty good!  And yes... that's crimped hair!!

In 2012 at the office we all decided to dress up as witches & make our office a haunted/witches house of sorts!  This was super fun & really pretty easy to put together!  {Full post here}
Super high-quality, old iphone, Instagram picture

Witch's Brew

Last year I did't really dress up but, I did make this fun  Jack-O-Lantern shirt!  {26 Week Bumpdate}

One thing I miss about being in an office is certainly the fun shenanigans we would get into & how much fun we would have!  Not to say I'm not having a ton of fun at home with my little guy but, you know what I mean.  We had a lot of fun over the years, especially on Halloween!

Do you dress up at work for Halloween?

What is your favorite Halloween costume?

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Monday, October 26, 2015

A Weekend of Babies!

This weekend was such a fun weekend!  On Saturday Jack & I went to my best friend's son's 1st birthday party!!  I cannot believe that Blaine is already 1 - A year flies by quite fast!  Even more, Blaine is 13 weeks older than Jack... so there's that!  Fun fact: Hiedi & I have been best friends since the 1st grade and now our boys will grow up together as well!  She did such a great job on all of the decorating, it turned out so cute!  I will definitely be copying some ideas from her in a few months!

Another one of my best friends, Erin's little boy Camden & Jack had on their matching monogram pumpkin shirts at the party!  So, duh we had to get a picture.... Camden is still at the age (4 months) where He sits still though... Unlike someone else!  Handsome boys none-the-less!

Mommas's boy!!  Insert alll the heart eyes here!

And on Sunday afternoon we finally made it to another one of my best friend's houses to meet her precious little girl, Olivia!  She is 10 days new & just the tiniest, most precious little thing!  She also makes the best facial expressions but, hardly made a peep the whole time I was holding her - which was about 1 hour!  I'm not a baby hog at all!  Fun fact: Within this group of friends we've had 4 babies in 1 year & Olivia is #4... Blaine, Jack, Camden & Princess Olivia!!!  It felt so crazy to hold a tiny newborn again after getting used to lugging my 20 pounder around all the time! LOL!

Ahhh... What a great weekend of babies, babies, babies!!!

We topped it off with the first batch of homemade Chicken 'n Dumplings for the season Sunday evening!  Hello Fall!

Happy Monday friends!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Hello Friday!

Oh Hello Friday!  Hello Friends!  Goodness it's been a week!  This Momma got taken out by a 24 hour bug Tuesday/Wednesday & Jack is feeling terrible with a cold/congestion issues.  Thankfully I'm back to my 'ol self & I think Jack is on the mend... again!

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1 - First a foremost I have to give a HUGE shoutout to my husband Matt!  He's pretty awesome 99% of the time but, Tuesday/Wednesday while I was down & out He stepped up to the plate & took over all things "mommy & daddy"!  He even took Jack to school on Wednesday & picked him up!  So very, very thankful for a partner who doesn't mind stepping in to take over completely when needed.

2 - Even though Jack isn't going to be trick-or-treating this year when I stumbled upon this cute bucket in the Target $1 section I couldn't resist picking it up.  I already had alphabet stickers from making Jack's toolbox in his nursery so, I just added his name & He now has a personalized trick-or-treating bucket... For next year! HA!

3 - Speaking of first Halloween... My aunt sent this adorable "Baby's 1st Halloween" bib for Jack a couple of weeks ago & I just love it!!

4 - A good while back Natasha mentioned this Lasagna Soup in a blog post and I finally made it a couple of weeks ago.  Matt & I loved it so much that I made it again this Monday!

Some adjustments I made:
- Use breakfast sausage instead of Italian sausage
- Nixed the crushed red pepper & basil - I just don't have them on hand
- Use 5 lasagna noodles instead of 4

Still taste great & you still must make this recipe soon!
Bobby's Lighter Tastes Like Lasagna Soup

5 - Last week Jack had school pictures (I can't wait to get them back!!) so, He was dressed up a bit more for the day!  I couldn't help but take advantage & grab a few snaps of him on the front stoop on our way out the door!  Here's some Fall cuteness for your Friday!

Clearly someone likes to eat the pumpkins & not look at the camera anymore.. HA!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

{Random} Thoughts for Thursday

Happy Thursday friends!  I've been up since 6am with Jack.  He typically goes back to sleep after his 6am bottle & I can get about 30 min or so of sleep before Matt's alarm goes off & Jack is up again but, not this morning!  After his bottle He was all bright eyes & bushy tailed so, we're up!  I have some random thoughts for today....

+ Who doesn't love a little #TBT action!?  Last year at the Dallas Arboretum!  I felt huge pregnant here... hahaha!
Joke was on me!

+ One of my best friends went into labor yesterday and I went to the hospital last night to take some pre-baby hospital pictures for them.  While there allll the emotions & memories (you know from so long ago!) came flooding back to me.  What a special & wonderful time they're in the middle of!!

+ Is it weird that being in the same hospital that I delivered in kind of, sort of made me want to be pregnant again!?  Ahh!  Funny how being around places & people make you feel certain things!

+ Matt & I updated our phones the other day to the new 6s' and whoa!  It's so nice to have a new phone that you know... works!  And the apps all open & it doesn't take forever & a day for things to load!  #firstworldproblems

+ We've been trying really hard to make most of our meals at home instead of eating out.  Some weeks we are meal making rock stars & other weeks we are fast food royalty!  What gives!?  Why can we not just stay on track!?

+ Is anyone watching Scandal!?  We knew Sirus wasn't gone forever & certainly not Poppa Pope either!  I can't believe Olivia & Fitz are actually making a run for it!  I guess they can't do the back and forth forever though.  (Note: I don't condone affairs but, it's tv and I still love Olivia!!)

+ Umm... Mother Nature, we need to chat!  You see it's October 15th & we should be seeing temperatures below 95* at this point... bring on the 60's & 70's... Please!?

+ Don't you love seeing other people's holiday decor!?  I do & I looove Lindsay's Halloween mantel!  Check it out & grab her code for 20% off in my shop!!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jack Montgomery - 8 Months

Well... at this point it's more like 8 1/2 months but, that's ok!  In my defense though we rang in month 8 smack dab in the middle of a no-good, terrible virus.  Thankfully we are much past that nasty virus and back to his old self + some!

Actually taken when He turned 8 months!

Weight: 20.5 lbs

Hair: A full head of brown hair!  It has started thickening up again & that makes me so happy!!

Eyes: Just blue as ever!  I think it's safe to say they are going to stay blue!  Along with your hair He always gets compliments on how pretty & bright his eyes are!

Clothes:  I feel like we've practically slid right through 9 month clothes.  Though He can wear most 9 month clothes we're starting to wear 12 month shirts.  All pajamas are definitely 12 months... So, He's been wearing a couple Christmas pj's!  You know, because he'll be 11 months come Christmas!!

Diapers:  Size 3, Huggies Snug & Dry + Huggies wipes!  Love them both - we're a Huggies family!

Eating:  Taking 6 5oz bottles of formula per day + eating breakfast & dinner purees.  Typically a good eater but, Jack certainly gets distracted and we're constantly having to keep his attention.  We've literally had to turn the t.v. off because He can see the reflection in the back door glass! Oh boy!  We're in for it!

Sleeping:  This is getting better but, slowly.  Slowly but, surely I feel like we're going to get back to Jack sleeping through the night - we have to!  Currently, Jack is waking up 2-3 times a night!  Jack takes 2 naps during the day - one in the morning & one in the mid-afternoon.  Typically, we start bedtime at 7 but, lately he's been fighting us really hard so, we're playing around with it & trying to put him to bed a little later in hopes it will be less of a fight and that he'll sleep better throughout the night.

+ Sitting up completely on his own!  Although we still keep pillows or blankets around him because we've heard a "thud" too many times - even when we're right there.  It just happens so quickly!!

+ The walker is his best friend - and Bingham hates Jack being in the walker. Ha!  It's really given him a sense of independence and it's really fun to watch him explore!  He tots around the house, the back porch, the driveway, through grandma & grandpa's houses, etc.  It's the best thing ever!

+ As of recently He is starting to lean over & curl his legs to the side and rock back & forth a bit but, no crawling just yet.

+ Has no desire to sit in his beloved chair... which makes me sad & keeps him less contained!

+ We're currently going through separation anxiety.  As long as someone is in the room with him or is holding him he's ok but, otherwise you hear about it from him.  He does not like to be left alone!

+ Grabbing at anything & everything within reach

+ And when He does grab something it goes directly into his mouth!

+ Has full on baby jabbers!  Has said "Ma-ma-ma-ma" before & has started saying "Da-da-da-da" now but, I'm not sure He knows exactly what they mean...

+ Started "school" this month!  It was a bitter-sweet decision but, it's been the best thing for us so far!  Gives Momma some time to get things done (grocery shop, errands - quickly!, work in my Etsy shop, etc) and for Jack - He's learning to reach out & be with other adults, parallel play with other babies, discovering new things, etc.  He hasn't cried once dropping him off (actually reaches out for his teachers) & when I've picked him up he's either asleep in someones arms, playing & looks at me once & goes back to playing!! Or the best yet gets SO excited to see me He almost leaped out of the teachers arms.  So, I would say He doesn't hate school at all which makes my heart rest a little easier.

+ We also started a Mommy/Daddy & Me music class.  So far I think Jack loves it but, it's right before his morning nap falls now so, yeah... He's not always the happiest of campers but, we make it through!  He does love to chew on his rattle & wooden sticks though!

+ Is into everything!  If He thinks he can reach it, he's diving for it or strolling right over. Jack is very observant & nosy - always looking around & watching to see what others are doing. I love this about him though - it's one of my favorite things to watch him do. 

We love you Jack!  Can't imagine this life without your crazy, sometimes loud, rambunctious, loving little self!  You are truly our angel baby!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Weekend Rundown - Pumpkin Patch Fun!

This last weekend we visited a pumpkin farm/"patch" for the first time - Mainstay Farm!  It is a cute place & would likely be a lot of fun for kids who are a little older but, we certainly jumped the gun taking Jack there being so young.  Ha lesson learned!  We did however get some cute pictures of our little pumpkin & a few more pumpkins for the front stoop!  So... Successful!?  Sure...

Yes... We got cute pictures & pumpkins... Success!!

Have you visited a pumpkin patch this year?

Friday, October 9, 2015

Hello Friday!

Hellooo Friday!  This week has been such a better week than last and I am SO thankful for that!  Somehow though I woke up multiple mornings asking myself (or Matt) what day it was!  Ha!  How does that happen?  Tell me I'm not alone!?

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One - So, this week I made the biggest #MomWin move since Jack has been born... let me share!  On Wednesday Jack was able to return to "school" and I left the house a little early to make a couple stops before picking him up.  I was rushing because I couldn't be late but, was so proud of myself when I arrived to pick him up almost 15 minutes early.  I went in, got him & his good progress report for the day, walked out both happy as could be and then it hit me.  I left his car seat at home!!!  I felt like the biggest idiot, laughed at myself & then cringed when I had to call Matt to tell him what I had done.  Thankfully He doesn't work too far from home & was able to run home (on his motorcycle), grab the car seat, bring it to me & return to work.  The best part of the whole thing was seeing Matt roll up on his motorcycle with Jack's car seat strapped to the back.  I died laughing!!!  Ohh... If that's not a #MomWin I don't know what is!  Thankfully Jack was happy as a clam playing in the car & Matt & I laughed it off!

Two - Also, this happened this week... Talk about melting a parents heart for sure!

Three - What was your kiddo for their first Halloween??  I think we've finally decided on a costume for Jack & keeping it cute & simple... A bat!  I've seen some fun ones on Pinterest so I think it should be fairly easy!
TELL: MONSTER FAMILY COSTUME DIY - Tell Love and ChocolateTell Love and Chocolate ... Baby Bat!:

Four - I made these Pumpkin-Chocolate Brownies for the first time last night & am taking them to a get together today!  I am hoping they are good but, I mean... Chocolate? Pumpkin? How could it go wrong!?  Recipe coming soon!!

Five - I've added some new banners to my shop this week & this "Give Thanks" banner is probably one of my favorites!  I reluctantly mailed it out on Monday! Ha!

Also, be sure you stop by April's blog!  There just might be a discount code in there for my shop!

We're off to our first ever pumpkin patch this weekend & I absolutely cannot wait - I just know it's going to be the best time!  ...Setting us up to fail & have a terrible time... ha!

What are your weekend plans?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Life Lately

Hey y'all! I've been a bit MIA recently so I figured a good 'ol "Life Lately" post would be fitting!  Where do I even start... 

Oh yes!  Last Sunday night/Monday... Jack came down with a virus that is apparently going around our area - YAAY!  So, we spent Monday - Friday consoling a sick baby, cleaning up throw-up & diarrhea blow-outs, washing laundry, a baby (multiple times), a car seat & bases... MY HOUSE!  I've never smelt & dealt with so much vomit & poo in my life!  Needless to say I am so glad that is over!

However, on Wednesday Jack stopped eating about 11:30 am & refused all bottles & pedialyte from then on.  So, we made our first trip to urgent care that night to find out that not only did he have this virus but, also an ear infection! {Insert big shocked first-time parent eyes}  Thankfully he's been on meds since & seems to be doing better but, after a quick check-up with his dr yesterday is on a new dose of meds that will hopefully kick the ear infection out for good!

Thursday Jack seemed to be feeling a bit better after getting a couple doses of meds in him so I took advantage & stepped outside to get some fresh air!  I think it made him so happy to be outside too & watch Bingham run around!
Let's not fool anyone though... once back inside He lost it, was super cranky & back to not feeling awesome.  The joys of a sick baby - I have no clue what He needs or wants!

After battling it out Friday night for a good 3 hours getting this boy to sleep, Matt & I were slooow moving on Saturday & took it easy around the house - as easy as this guy would let us!  Later Saturday afternoon we busted out of the house & visited the park.  This was Jack's second time in the swing & He LOVES it!!  It was nice to get out of the house as a family and have a little fun!

I'm super thankful that after 8 months this is our first major illness but, I feel like we made up for lost time for sure!  With Jack over the virus & starting to feel better from the ear infection we've been trying to get back on track with our normal schedule.  Schedules are everything!!

The weather has been good to us the last week + and I've been taking advantage of it when I can!  Opening the house up, burning my favorite Fall candles & taking Jack out to enjoy the fresh air!  We even got to have lunch with Matt one afternoon and stroll around Downtown for a little bit - it was such a nice treat & welcomed change after last week!

So, that's basically where I've been hiding.... At home with a sickly little babe.  Oh!  And I've been working on new items in my Etsy store - The Fancy Yancey Shop!  Be sure to stop by & check out the new Thanksgiving banners I recently listed!

Hope y'all are having a great week!  I'll now resume regular programming... Whatever that is these days!  :)

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