Monday, October 26, 2015

A Weekend of Babies!

This weekend was such a fun weekend!  On Saturday Jack & I went to my best friend's son's 1st birthday party!!  I cannot believe that Blaine is already 1 - A year flies by quite fast!  Even more, Blaine is 13 weeks older than Jack... so there's that!  Fun fact: Hiedi & I have been best friends since the 1st grade and now our boys will grow up together as well!  She did such a great job on all of the decorating, it turned out so cute!  I will definitely be copying some ideas from her in a few months!

Another one of my best friends, Erin's little boy Camden & Jack had on their matching monogram pumpkin shirts at the party!  So, duh we had to get a picture.... Camden is still at the age (4 months) where He sits still though... Unlike someone else!  Handsome boys none-the-less!

Mommas's boy!!  Insert alll the heart eyes here!

And on Sunday afternoon we finally made it to another one of my best friend's houses to meet her precious little girl, Olivia!  She is 10 days new & just the tiniest, most precious little thing!  She also makes the best facial expressions but, hardly made a peep the whole time I was holding her - which was about 1 hour!  I'm not a baby hog at all!  Fun fact: Within this group of friends we've had 4 babies in 1 year & Olivia is #4... Blaine, Jack, Camden & Princess Olivia!!!  It felt so crazy to hold a tiny newborn again after getting used to lugging my 20 pounder around all the time! LOL!

Ahhh... What a great weekend of babies, babies, babies!!!

We topped it off with the first batch of homemade Chicken 'n Dumplings for the season Sunday evening!  Hello Fall!

Happy Monday friends!!

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