Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Traditions & Fun!

I'll be honest, we don't really have any Halloween traditions but, they do sound like a lot of fun!  I feel like now that I'm a mom & as Jack gets older we will be incorporating more fun and making new traditions with our little family.  Growing up we always lived out in the country so, no one came by our house for candy and we always "went into town" to trick or treat.  Funny we're going to two different friends houses tomorrow evening for Halloween fun too!

I started perusing around online just to see what others do for Halloween & to save some ideas for years ahead!
Here's what I found!

1. BOO friends or family!  You put together a small, fun pack of Halloween goodies and anonymously leave it on someones front door with instructions of how to keep the ghost adventures going.  I just might have to start this come October 1st next year!  Here's a great example of a BOO'd gift {with free printables}!

2. - Have a Fall beer tasting!  Matt & I sort of did this but, spread it out over several days.  Would be fun to do with friends & have snacks with the tasting!  {Full review here}

3. - Make Pumpkin Dip!  I actually have already made this a tradition and make it quite a bit in the Fall!  My friends even expect it from me now - ha!  {Christina's original recipe here}
The excitement is real, y'all!

For the kids... Make Mummy & Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Pizzas!  Who doesn't love homemade pizzas & getting creative with them - so cute!

4. - Get crafty!  I've seen things from painted pumpkins, to baby ghost feet & candy corn!  Of course Pinterest has a whole slew of great ideas!  Jack "painted" this adorable mini pumpkin at school on Wednesday!  We may have to bust out the art supplies over the weekend for one more craft!

5. - Watch holiday shows!  It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown came on again last night
!  This hasn't been something that I've necessarily looked forward to over the years but, you can bet the first time it came on this season I was a little giddy inside & wanted it to be on for Jack to "watch".  I've also recorded some other pumpkin/Halloween related shows on the DVR for Jack!
Halloween Movie For Kids

What are some of your Halloween traditions?

I hope everyone has a safe & happy Halloween!!

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  1. so cute! I made pumpkin dip too! ps your hair looks AMAZE!

  2. I love all of those ideas! Adding them to my list too!

  3. So cute! Love these ideas! I may be stealing those pizza ideas for tonight!

  4. Love this!!! (and can I have your gorgeous hair??!!)

  5. Cool ideas! Your ideas are really incredible & can be easily used for a Halloween themed wedding. Pizza is looking so yummyyy. Thanks for sharing. xoxoxo


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