Friday, October 9, 2015

Hello Friday!

Hellooo Friday!  This week has been such a better week than last and I am SO thankful for that!  Somehow though I woke up multiple mornings asking myself (or Matt) what day it was!  Ha!  How does that happen?  Tell me I'm not alone!?

I'm linking up with April, Christina, Natasha & Darci

One - So, this week I made the biggest #MomWin move since Jack has been born... let me share!  On Wednesday Jack was able to return to "school" and I left the house a little early to make a couple stops before picking him up.  I was rushing because I couldn't be late but, was so proud of myself when I arrived to pick him up almost 15 minutes early.  I went in, got him & his good progress report for the day, walked out both happy as could be and then it hit me.  I left his car seat at home!!!  I felt like the biggest idiot, laughed at myself & then cringed when I had to call Matt to tell him what I had done.  Thankfully He doesn't work too far from home & was able to run home (on his motorcycle), grab the car seat, bring it to me & return to work.  The best part of the whole thing was seeing Matt roll up on his motorcycle with Jack's car seat strapped to the back.  I died laughing!!!  Ohh... If that's not a #MomWin I don't know what is!  Thankfully Jack was happy as a clam playing in the car & Matt & I laughed it off!

Two - Also, this happened this week... Talk about melting a parents heart for sure!

Three - What was your kiddo for their first Halloween??  I think we've finally decided on a costume for Jack & keeping it cute & simple... A bat!  I've seen some fun ones on Pinterest so I think it should be fairly easy!
TELL: MONSTER FAMILY COSTUME DIY - Tell Love and ChocolateTell Love and Chocolate ... Baby Bat!:

Four - I made these Pumpkin-Chocolate Brownies for the first time last night & am taking them to a get together today!  I am hoping they are good but, I mean... Chocolate? Pumpkin? How could it go wrong!?  Recipe coming soon!!

Five - I've added some new banners to my shop this week & this "Give Thanks" banner is probably one of my favorites!  I reluctantly mailed it out on Monday! Ha!

Also, be sure you stop by April's blog!  There just might be a discount code in there for my shop!

We're off to our first ever pumpkin patch this weekend & I absolutely cannot wait - I just know it's going to be the best time!  ...Setting us up to fail & have a terrible time... ha!

What are your weekend plans?


  1. Your banners are so cute! I need one for every holiday :) I'd say that's definitely a #momwin! I can picture your husband riding with a car seat strapped to him!! Hilarious. Glad I found your blog via the linkup.

    Kerry //

  2. hahaha oh the carseat fiasco! Good save though! LOVE the bat!!!!


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