Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween this year couldn't of gone any better!  And I've decided that Holidays with kiddos makes it that mush sweeter!  Originally, I had planned on Jack being a bat but, I really wasn't feeling up to being that crafty & I had stumbled upon this adorable tiger costume at Carter's for $10.50... sold!  Turns out Jack was the cutest little tiger around!

We had a low-key day at home as a family, Jack took 2 long naps in preparation for the evening & I made Pumpkin Brownies - Recipe coming tomorrow!  As mentioned Friday we went to two friends houses Saturday evening - we trick-or-treated at the first & took crazy baby pictures at the next.  It was kind of a lot but, thankfully each friend lives close to each other so it wasn't too far to travel!  So, here's our fun first Halloween as a family of 3!

We Matt may or may not of gone to some doors & brought home some candy... Perks of parenthood right??

YOU try to get a Superhero (12m) & Tiger (9m) to both look at the camera at the same time!
These make me laugh though, I love them so much! 

As I mentioned the other day myself & 3 of my best friends have had 4 babies in 1 year!  This is our first Halloween with all the babies so, we had to get a picture!  Sweet Camden was already conked out so, we were only able to get these awesome pictures of three of the babies... Jack is 9 months, Olivia is 2 weeks! & Blaine is 12 months!  I can't help but laugh even more at these pictures!  Blaine was super curious about Olivia's bow, She was wondering what the HECK was going on & Jack was thinking "Whyyy???"  Oh goodness... Can't wait to see these babies in 10 years!

I almost forgot!  On Wednesday when I picked Jack up his teachers surprised me with an adorable mini pumpkin that he "painted".  My heart skipped!  To me it's the most precious thing ever!

Daylight savings time seemed to go a little easy on us, so far & Jack slept Sunday morning until 6:45am which would of been 7:45am - that never happens!  Bed time was nice to us as well so, crossing our fingers that this continues through the week until we all get adjusted to the new schedule!

I hope y'all had a super fun Halloween!  I know we did & I especially loved to see all the littles in their Halloween costumes!!

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