Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I'm 29!

Yesterday was my 29th birthday!  Jack had school so, I took advantage of the quiet, dark (because it's overcast & rainy here) house and took care of some work on the computer.  Not even Bingham made a peep... It was literally so quiet in the house!  I enjoyed those 4 hours!  Yesterday evening Matt, my brother Dakota, Dad & Mary went to dinner at Joe T. Garcia's.  Hands down the best margaritas in town & momma had her one!  I was being rather difficult this year & really didn't want for anything except for new clothes so, I was gifted with a nice bit of shopping money!  Woo Hoo!!  Matt picked up a Red Velvet Nothing Bundt Cake for dessert & goodness it was so good!  Tricky little guy... He lovingly put trick candles on the cake... that was fun & may or may not of gotten me winded!  {Insert monkey covering his eyes emoji!!}  All in all it was a great day & a perfect ending to the day!  Thank you to everyone who left me FaceBook messages, phone calls & text messages - all so very sweet & certainly made me feel loved!!

My most favorite picture!

Life with a 9 1/2 month old!

I don't really know what I'm supposed to feel like at 29 but, as I told a friend yesterday I don't feel how I thought I would at 29 when I was younger.  Life is great - I have a wonderful husband, the most precious son, blessed by many family & friends.  I truly couldn't ask for more!  My hope for 29 is that it is continued to be filled with love, happiness, accomplishments & health!


  1. Joe T.'s is my favorite! I would go there once a week if I lived in Fort Worth! Happy Birthday!

  2. happy birthday!!!! you look great for 29 :) I will be turning 29 in March and I'm kinda scared haha!!! My hubby's 30th is this Sunday too!


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