Monday, November 23, 2015

Our First Christmas Parade of Lights!

We had the best time last night at the Ft. Worth Parade of Lights!  The parade is typically held Thanksgiving weekend but, since in recent years we're typically traveling & as a kid I can only imagine that my parents & aunts & uncles didn't feel like wrangling 25+ people/kids to fight the downtown crowds together & just stayed home to play games and sleep off our food coma.  So, just our luck it was changed this year and we. were. going!  My Dad & Mary joined us and we really had a great time!  Jack was good for most of the parade but, by the end he was tired & tired of being held.  I dreaded sitting in traffic to get home but, thankfully it wasn't too bad & Jack was tolerable.  Ha!

So, here's some pictures from our first ever Christmas light parade!  Oh & we bought a selfie stick over the weekend.... we tested it out over the weekend but, we still need to practice a bit!

And we had to shuffle by the big beautiful Christmas tree in Sundance Square!

Such a fun night, it certainly didn't feel like a Sunday!  But, we are definitely in the holiday spirit now!  Bring on Thanksgiving & all the fried turkey & ham!!

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  1. How fun! I had some friends that attended this parade, too. Our light parade and Christmas tree lighting on the square is tonight and I can’t wait!! I love that the firetrucks decorate too! Great pictures and what a fun night! A great kick-off to the holiday season.


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