Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Our Thanksgiving 2015

I have to admit, I started dreading Thanksgiving coming around this year. I'm always excited to see family & catch up as much as possible but, I wasn't excited about the amount of traveling we had to do, especially when traveling with a little one. This was at least our 6th road trip since Jack has been born so, we knew what to expect & we're getting better.  We planned ahead though and were packed & ready for each departure we made from the house which made a huge difference!  Thanksgiving day rolled around & I was just excited about having this special time with my 2 guys, seeing each of our families & soaking up Jack's 1st Thanksgiving... regardless of how our time on the road was going to go!

Our first stop was Graham with Matt's family!  It was a rainy day which kept us mostly inside but, we all still had fun chatting & planning a family vacation for next Summer!  Jack met his Uncle Pete & Aunt Sara for the first time but, you would of never known he didn't know them!  Jack went straight to his Uncle Pete & they had the best laughs together!

Uncle Pete & cousin Chase

We also exchange Christmas gifts for the little guys & the adults play Chinese Christmas. Jack was really unsure about opening the gifts but, He liked what was inside - toys!

We left Graham to head back to Ft Worth & unload/reload the car then, we headed South for San Antonio. We stayed the night with Matt's brother & sister-in-law who couldn't make it to Thanksgiving in Graham, before traveling the rest of the way to Corpus Christi Friday morning to celebrate Thanksgiving with my mom's family on Friday!  As mentioned the other day, we bought a selfie stick & had to put it to the test this weekend!  My mom was one of 5 kids... + spouses + kids + kids... Yeah we're a big family!  And we're still missing at least 7 people who couldn't make it this year!  Surprisingly, we were able to get everyone in the picture and we call that a "Selfie Stick Win"!  It was complete chaos getting everyone together but, I'm glad we did because it sure made for some fun memories!

The 3 newest members of the family!  Logan 8 months, Colt 1 month & Jack 10 months... They are all 2nd cousins!

Jack with my mom's 2 sisters... His Nini & Grandma Vicki!

Just love these 2 so much!

Ending our trip the right way... Snoozing pulling into Ft Worth!

I just can't say enough how wonderful this weekend turned out to be!  Jack was truly a great baby all weekend, especially considering the amount of time he spent in the car!  He was happy (most of the time) to go to anyone & just laughed & giggled so much.  I'm more thankful than ever to have the family we do, the means to get around & see everyone & just the overall life we have been blessed with.  As much as I was ready to be home Sunday, I was kind of missing the weekend already too. #bittersweet 

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving however you were able to spend it!


  1. Looks like a great Thanksgiving! My mom is also 1 of five kids (+2 my Grandparents adopted later) and we have a huge family! Definitely a selfie-stick win. Those things definitely come handy. We took ours to Disney World in May (right before they banned them) and was able to get many family pictures!! Love the picture of the babies!! You did great on the picture taking this Thanksgiving!!

  2. Oh Shayna! I love seeing your pictures espically the ones of all the Yancey's! I miss being with this side of the family during the holidays! I wish you could have met Grandmother Florence & Grandpa Sam they would have loved you so much! There was so much food, laughter & love! We used to joke that if us kids didn't get to the table first that there would not be any food left over if Uncle Royce and Uncle Jerry got to the table before we did!
    Oh the memories! Grandpa Sam taking us kids out to cut down a "Christmas tree"! All of us spending the night at their house to be able to spend more time together. I miss those days so much!
    We should tell you how he kept all 7 of us kids busy during the summer, paid us a little, and took us to the DeLeon Peach & Melon Festival most years. Oh the joys of farm life! Lots of hard work, but we loved it!
    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! I'm going to try to come to Graham while everyone is there this year! Love to you, Matt and Jack!

    1. Hey Trudy! Thank you so much!! Yes, I wish I could have met them too! Sounds like y'all have a lot of great memories with them!! Matthew was just talking about them the other day! I'm not sure if anyone other than Marilyn & JR will be there during Christmas but, I am sure they would love to see you if you went for a visit! Merry Christmas and love to y'all!


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