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Thoughts on Pregnancy

*This post was written in January, just before I was due with Jack.  It's been sitting in my drafts since because I simply forgot about it!  9 1/2 months in to motherhood it's fun to look back & see what I thought about pregnancy then.  I still feel the same about most things but, am so far past it now that it's sometimes hard to remember.  I guess that will be a good thing when baby #2 comes around... and not any time soon, Lord willing!  Enjoy!


It's officially the end of the road for this pregnancy.  My first pregnancy & I am so anxious & excited to meet our baby boy!  As much as I am ready to move onto the next chapter in our lives, and believe me I am ready, it's sort of bitter-sweet at the thought of no longer being pregnant.  Sure I've had my share of "lows" but, for the most part I've had a pretty good pregnancy.  So, here's some of my further thoughts on pregnancy in general...

Please note I'm talking about my experience & my experience only.

+ As stated above, for the most part this pregnancy hasn't been that bad.  Sure there's down days but, as I'm learning with life in general, it's all about what you make of it.

+ To have been in a normal workout routine before I got pregnant would have made things much easier/better, I think.  I've gained 40+ pounds with this pregnancy + was already a good 10-15 lbs over my normal weight when I got pregnant.  Having the extra weight + pregnancy weight packed on over the last 9 months has really taken a toll on my body.

+ Pregnancy brain is a real thing!  I remember feeling like an idiot in my first trimester, forgetting things & saying random stuff - it's funny now but, gosh I thought I was going crazy!... & it's come back in the third trimester also!

+ When people offer to help you or to do things for you, take them up on the offer!  Even if you do feel like you can tackle whatever it is they're offering to help with on your own, let them help!  2 things are likely - 1, yes you can handle said task but, you might be worn out by the time you're done & 2, friends & family enjoy helping & doing - that's why they've offered!  Don't push them away because the offer might not come again if you've turned them down.

+ Pregnancy brings on a lot new & different things.... your hormones are changing, your body is changing, heck, your LIFE is changing!  There will be a lot of things that happen (to your body in particular) that your girlfriends fail to mention to you.  Now, not everyone deals with the same types of symptoms but, there will definitely come a time where something happens to you that no one has mentioned yet, Baby Center, What To Expect & The Bump are all like "Oh yes... this is a very common ___ for expecting moms".  Say whaaat!?  Just be prepared for the unknown & unexpected.

+ There's something about seeing a pregnant woman that people, men & women, forget the simple manners they learned as a child and lose their filter!  Things like "You're still pregnant!?" (at 6 months), "Don't take this the wrong way but, you look like you're going to pop!", "Are you ever going to have that baby!?" will be said.  Just know that it's the lack of people having a filter or a brain so, don't take it personally!

+ Document this special time in your life!  I've slacked the last few weeks of documenting things here on the blog but, I can't tell you how thankful I am to have all of these memories here - the good & the not-so-good & I plan on turning it into a book.  Even if you don't blog, keep a diary on your computer & take pictures every other week or so.  I have friends that do a round-up of pictures on Instagram every 4 weeks - it's adorable & a great memory saver!  Whether it's your first pregnancy or your 4th, this time is special & you'll never have another time like it so, record it!!

+ Pamper yourself a bit!  I haven't been the best at this (& I'm typically not when not pregnant) but, I vote that it's important to do so!  Go get a pedi, a pre-natal massage... something/whatever you enjoy - go do it!

+ Having a helpful & supportive partner has been the only thing that has gotten me through some days.  I haven't mentioned Matt much here on the blog but, I honestly cannot sing his praises enough!  He has truly stepped up to the plate in more than just one or two ways - taking care of me, helping me tackle household chores (that I typically do + ones that He does), cooking meals, grocery shopping - that's just a few ways!  I couldn't of made it through this last 9+ months without him & I know he's going to make one awesome Dad to Jack!  I'm excited to see him in his new role & am so thankful that Jack has a man like him to look up to!

I'm curious... What are some of your thoughts on pregnancy?

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