Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

Just as I struggle with gift ideas for Matt, my dad & brother during the holidays & other occasions, I struggle equally trying to come up with gift ideas to tell them for myself.

A few years ago I would start a draft e-mail with ideas & if I needed a reference for what I was talking about or it needed to be ordered online, I included links to the item. That worked great until last year when I requested pajamas & the link I sent defaulted to a size small. Well, last year I was 9 months pregnant at Christmas & a size small wouldn't fit one leg - & it still won't.  I won't rat out the suspect but, it made me realize just how specific I needed to be when putting together list of gift ideas for myself to give to the men in my life.  Shake. My. Head.


1. - Stud Earrings - If you know me then you know I wear stud earrings daily. They are 1 of 3 pieces of jewelry that are my go-to's. {Stud earrings, Wedding rings & Monogram necklace}. When I worked in an office they were great because they didn't get in the way of the phone & now they are great because they aren't something enticing Jack to pull at them while holding him. Until the other day - but, mostly he ignores them. Most stud earrings are inexpensive making it an easy item to have on repeat & in multiple colors. Just like these from Nordstrom that are $12 each or 2 for $20!  Perfect for friends or teachers as well!

2. - Monogram Necklace - As mentioned above my monogram necklace is part of my daily wearables. I have had a silver monogram for several years now. One with my maiden name initials & now with my married name initials - both gifts from Matt. I feel like a monogram necklace gives a classic everyday look that can be paired with almost anything.  I've added the gold monogram necklace to my list this year!  Bargain alert!  This necklace is currently 30% off!

3. - Voluspa Candle - I love 3 wick candles from Bath & Body Works & will burn them all day long! However, if you're looking for a little splurge on candles that smell amazing, last a long time & come in some pretty containers, Voluspa is where it's at!

4. - Classic Pea Coat - This is certainly on my list (with specific notes for size & color!) this year & it's the one thing I'm really hoping for. I just love the look of this particular coat & the versatility of it. I'm a girl who doesn't buy things that can only go 1 or 2 ways, it must be able to be worn with most everything.  Bargain alert!  This coat is currently in sale for $40!

5. - Body Lotion - Like most girls I'm a sucker for a nice smelling lotion!  I discovered Cashmere Glow from Bath & Body Works a couple of years ago & just can't quit it!  Plus, B&BW has such great deals on their lotions it's hard to pass them up!

I hope this gift guide helps some guys out there for the women in your life... & maybe gives some of you ladies ideas for yourself to pass along to others wondering what to get you!

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

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  1. Yes please!! I hope Santa brings me those earrings and that coat! Love!


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