Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Rundown!

Happy Monday, y'all!  I hope y'all had a great weekend & are ready to tackle this week!  I sure am!

This weekend we celebrated my dad's birthday (his birthday is today!  Happy Birthday Dad!!)  I had seen a shirt on Pinterest and knew I had to recreate it!  My Dad & Jack are just two peas in a pod so, I couldn't resist making a matching onesie for Jack too!  I think they turned out perfectly!  #PinterestWin

I mentioned Friday that I had picked up a variety pack of Fall/Pumpkin beers for Matt & I to try.  Well, we finished them off this weekend & I think it's safe to say the Saint Arnold Oktobefest stays at #1 for us!
Shiner Oktoberfest - A good beer but, nothing to get too excited about.
Leinenkugal's Harvest Patch Shandy - Matt & I both enjoyed this beer.  It's nice and refreshing with just the right amount of pumpkin spice to it.  If you're looking for something with pumpkin in it I vote this first & then the Jack-o Traveler Pumpkin Shandy.
Rahr & Sons Oktoberfest - a local Ft. Worth made beer, is a good Oktoberfest & probably my second choice of an "Oktoberfest" behind the Saint Arnold.
And lastly, the Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest... Neither Matt or I were overly impressed with this beer.  It honestly just tasted like any other beer... There wasn't anything there telling me it was a seasonal beer, let alone an Oktoberfest.

I also mentioned Friday about my love for the Pumpkin Pecan Waffle candle from Bath & Body Works.  Well, Friday evening we popped in to pick up a couple more and stumbled upon the Apple Pumpkin Pancakes flavor scent.  OH it smells amazing!  Needless to say, I would like to eat both candles!

That's all I've got for today!  Happy Monday!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Hello Friday!

Happy Friday, y'all!!  It has been a craaazy week over in our neck of the woods!  Gone almost every night this week & having something going on most days as well.  Needless to say we are all needing to catch up on some sleep this weekend fo sho!  Luckily, it's Friday & we can do just that... maybe!

Linking up with... 

1 - Last week I grabbed Matt & I a mixed 6-pack of Fall/Pumpkin beers!  So far we've had the Saint Arnold Oktoberfest & the Jack-O Traveler Pumpkin Shandy.  We both agreed the Saint Arnold was hands down amazing!  Just the right amount of everything to make the perfect Fall beer!  The Jack-O Traveler was good but, it hits with a heavy punch of pumpkin spice at the end.  It wasn't bad but, certainly not a beer you would drink a lot of.  One or two for an evening would be perfect!  I've tried the Shiner Oktoberfest & it's good but, nothing to write home about.  I am excited to try the remaining beers over the weekend!
I'll report back! :)

2 - I recently picked up a pair of shoes for Jack & ooh my goodness!  {Insert all the heart eyes}  They aren't anything special but, I certainly love them & can't wait until they fit!  (His current size fit him like a glove & he doesn't really need shoes right now so, I bought a size up to fit better when it's cooler temps & He needs to wear them).
Infant Boy's Alford Sneakers - Brown

3 - A couple of Fall staples that I am lusting over (& hoping they mysteriously find there way to my closet!)

4 - I decided it was time for Jack to start having "snacks".  I've been holding off more because it's one of those things that I just have no clue about!  Like, when? what first? etc.  Anyways, I picked up some Sweet Potato flavored puffs & thought "Oh He loves pureed sweet potatoes surely He'll love these!"  WRONG!  I died laughing at the faces He was making & had to capture the moment.  Needless to say I've tried them a couple more times and Jack still has the same reactions!  At least I get a good laugh, right!?  (And if you're wondering Matt & I both tried them & they really aren't bad! HA!)

5 - My favorite Fall candle... Pumpkin Pecan Waffle!  We've been soaking up it's goodness the last couple of weeks & I plan on making the house look how it smells this weekend!  (I'm a bit behind this year on decorating - ah well!)

We're looking forward to a weekend of football & birthday celebrations!

What are you up to this weekend?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday Talk

Hey friends!  It's been a little hectic around the home front hence the small hiatus from the blog!

The other evening I was texting with a girlfriend who is due soon with a sweet baby girl.  We were talking about pregnancy & all the changes & such that come along with it & then of course parenthood.  There's so much more that comes with parenthood than just a new baby... the instant love you have & emotions they can bring forth.  People tried to tell Matt & I before Jack was born about parenthood & we've tried to tell our friends since but, the truth is you can never be prepared for just how much your life is going to change... & in the most positive of ways!  However, my friend sent me this video & it's about as close to describing to a new parent-to-be what parenthood is all about that I've seen or read!

I most definitely ugly cried & laughed as I watched the video & agreed with everything they said (& Matt got a little choked up himself)!  So, grab a tissue & watch this great video!

What is something you wish you knew before becoming a parent?  Or what would you tell loved ones to expect?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Baby Feeding Favorites - Solids

We started Jack on solids/purees at 5 1/2 months & thankfully He eats like a champ!  Unless we're having major teething issues & then we're lucky to get 2 oz of food down him at each meal!  But, we won't talk to much about that!  Instead, I wanted to share with y'all our favorite meal time products thus far.

1. Baby Brezza Baby Food Processor - I can't say enough good things about this baby food processor!  We bought it because we don't have another food processor & this is a 2-in-1 - it steams & purees the food all in one!  And by just pressing 1 button it starts the steaming process, you can walk away & it will puree the food once the steaming is done.  April is who sold me on this processor & I'm so glad I listened!  We probably wouldn't make Jack's food if we didn't have this food processor - #realtalk

2. Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair - This has been such a game changer for us.  We initially started feeding Jack in one of his rocker chairs & then tried the Ingenuity chair... Neither worked great & I was afraid He would hit his head on the back of our metal chair.  This high chair fits perfectly in our chair & is height adjustable as Jack grows.  He can either sit directly at the table with us or use the tray that comes with it (& is super easy to clean).  And bonus that it doesn't take up more room in the house along with allll the other baby gear - That alone is a win in my book!

3. Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons - From a little online research I did pre-purees these were widely used & most loved by a lot of people.  I trusted the parents of the interwebs & did not steer me wrong!  We haven't had any issues with Jack eating from these & at only $2.99, you just can't beat them!

4. OXO Roll Up Bib - When we first started purees we were using just regular cloth bibs.  They worked ok but, weren't great or ideal.  While perusing through Buy Buy Baby one day my aunt & I stumbled upon this bib and we now use it for every feeding - at home & out & about!  I was reluctant to purchase it (so my aunt did!) because of the price but, some things are just worth the splurge!  It's easy to clean, the pocket catches everything & rolls up (& clips together!) for when you're on the go making it use little to no space in the diaper bag!  Another win in my book!

5. Munckin Multi Bowls - At first I purchased a set of bowls that suctioned to the table/high chair.  While these I'm sure are great for older kids they don't work well for us - main reason being I couldn't microwave them!  And seeing as how Jack's food is frozen well... You get my point.  These bowls though... You can microwave them!  And they come 5 to a pack & for only $3.54!  They're easy to hold, microwave & dishwasher safe... win all around, again!

Honorable Mention - Sterilite Ice Cube Tray - I searched & searched to find what ice cube trays were 1 oz each cube & could not find anything!  So, these being the second trays I bought (& tested for 1 oz slots) they won!  Each slot is 1 oz each so, making dividing foods up in them & then figuring out how much of what to feed little one much easier!  They're not the best bargain at $2.50 each but, definitely worth it as they stack easily & you know you're getting 1 oz per cube of food!  And they're BPA free!

What are your favorite baby feeding products??

**I'll be back soon breaking down the "What Makes What"...
What foods makes how many ounces once pureed!**

Linking up with Jessie & Jenn for What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesdays
*I was not compensated by any brands or linked-to store.  I bought each product from stores linked-to on my own; all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jack Montgomery - 7 Months!

I'm in denial that we have a 7 month old & therefore this post is a good 2 weeks late!
And I have a wild child... enjoy these pictures!

Alllll the cliché sayings are true... Time flies faster once children are born... They really do grow up so fast... etc. etc. I personally cannot believe we have a 7 month old! Matt & I tell each other often how in awe we are that we even have a baby - we still can't believe it!  The last few weeks teething has been a straight up nightmare!  I didn't want his teeth to come in for sake of him no longer looking like a baby but now, I can't wait for them to come in!  Despite the crankiness, fussing, clinginess and waking through the night like a newborn, Jack has continued to be a pretty happy baby!  He's funny & loves flirting with the girls - mainly ones that come up & tell him how cute he is!  Lord help me!!

Hair:  He still has a lot of it but, it's certainly thinned out since He was born!  On the sides & back it is all short but, on top it is long!  Like  inches long!!

Eyes: Blue! Blue! Blue!

Diapers: Size 3, Huggies Snug & Dry

Clothes: Pajamas - 9 months.  The snap-up pj's fit best around his big 'ol thighs but, the zip-up ones do still work... we just have to make them work.  As far as clothes, 6 months still fit but, some are getting too small just depends on the brand.  He can fit in 9 month clothes already & has been for a little while now but, trying to get all the wear out of the 6 monthers that we can!

Sleeping: Ugh, what an awful subject!  Right at 6 months He went cold turkey with no more of a middle-of-the-night bottle but, would still wake up once maaaybe twice.  Matt is the lighter sleeper of the two of us so He would just go in & put his pacifier in & come right back to bed.  That lasted for about 2 weeks and then, then Jack started waking 2-3 times during the night & being difficult to get back to sleep.  Now, Jack is waking multiple times throughout the night & is a bear to get back to sleep!  We've literally reverted to newborn sleeping & it's the worst!  I'm blaming it all on teething & I think we are finally seeing one bottom tooth pop through!!! (9/11/15)  Praise Jesus! Hallelueh!!

Eating: Still taking 6 5oz bottles a day.  The last bottle of the night is a 6oz bottle but, it hasn't seemed to phase his sleeping schedule the last few weeks - awesome.  We started purees at 5 1/2 months & other than when we're having really bad teething days, He's a champ and loooves to eat!  {Baby food post coming soon!}

+ Just as He turned 7 months he rolled from his back to his tummy... & now rolls everywhere!

+ Speaking of rolling, his favorite place to roll is either under the coffee table or to the couch & then skooch backwards!

+ No signs of crawling yet but, as mentioned He loves to skooch backwards on his belly.

+ He also loves being in his walker!  He literally goes everywhere!  It's a sense of independence for him & a breather for Mom & Dad!

+ His exersaucer is something else He loves to play in & has loved being in it for the last couple of months!

+ Most recently we turned his playmat into the ball pit & He has really enjoyed it!  He's proud of himself for sitting up & just thinks he is too cool!!

+ This boy loves to laugh & will laugh at everything - Bingham our dog, walking through the grocery store, people talking, playing games with him. He just laughs a lot & I love it!

+ Is starting to become aware of hats on people, mainly men & towels on my head & needless to say isn't a fan of them!  He warns up eventually but, at first could certainly do without them in his sight!

+ We have a tv remote diver!  Doesn't matter where it is, he's going for it!  He loves the lights on it!  & now, we've started hiding it from him, ha!

+ And finally, sitting up like a big boy!!

We love you Jack Montgomery!  You keep us on our toes & laughing all the time - we know this is only the beginning of each of these things!

Monday, September 14, 2015

A First Timers Just Between Friends Experience

So, the Thursday evening before Labor Day weekend I set out on what I thought would be a couple hours of shopping at the largest consignment sale in North Texas - Just Between Friends Ft Worth.  WRONG!  I arrived at 6:30om, started shopping at 7pm and arrived back home about 10:40pm... & I live about 12 minutes from the location!

When I got there I wasn't really sure what to expect.  I have been in this particular location many times over the years during the Ft Worth Stock Show but, then it is filled with hundreds of merchant booths and shoppers galore.  This time it was all opened & filled with racks and racks and racks of baby clothes, toys, baby gear... the list goes on!  I've never been an early morning Black Friday shopper but, I had a bit of a rush when walking into the shopping area that I imagine one might feel busting into the stores searching for the best deal!

I had a list of things that I was in search for & I went for the bigger items first and then moved onto the clothes section which I knew would take me a good while & it did!  Once I had searched through all the racks of clothes I could I headed over to the sorting sections.  I had a lot to go through but, I organized everything by sizes and went from there. Thankfully, it really wasn't too long of a process!

After I sorted through all of the clothes I did a quick walk around to make sure there wasn't something I missed or forgot to look for and then headed for the check-out counter.  It was a quick & easy process since their system is completely computerized & they take cards as well.  Maaaybe that's not the best thing - ha!

Overall it was a great experience & I can't wait for the next sale in the Spring!

Have you ever shopped large consignment sales?

If you shopped at JBF FW what did you get??

Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday y'all!  What is it about short weeks that can feel so long!?  Maybe it's that Matt & I both have been a bit under the weather but, I'm certainly glad to see the weekend here!  Hoping we can catch up on some sleep - haha funny! - and be a bit productive around the home front!  I'm linking up with April, Christina, Natasha & Darci for 5 on Friday and Narci, Andrea & Erika for Friday Favorites!

1 - I am so thankful for sweet friends who will watch Jack at the last minute so I can go get a quick massage for my neck & back!  I pulled something the other night while holding Jack (how lame!?) and it's pretty bad!  If you're in the FW area check out Perfect Touch Spa, hands down the best!

2 - Last Christmas Matt bought me these new riding boots but, due to all of my swelling from pregnancy I never got to wear them!  So, this Fall/Winter will be my first time slipping these buets on & I cannot wait!!

3 - Speaking of Fall... Southern Living posted this Pumpkin Chocolate Brownie recipe yesterday on Instagram & Ohh my goodness y'all it looks to die for!  I pinned it because it's definitely one I want to try making this season!  {2015 Fall Bucket List here}
Pumpkin-Chocolate Brownies

4 - I am working on revamping some old post here on the blog.  Particularly recipe post that have those sad iPhone pics with terrible lighting & scream rookie blogger!!  So, check out my most recent updated post - Ultimate Chicken Fajitas!  They are so delicious & hint - they're made in the microwave!

5 - Soon everyone will have their houses & front porches screaming "It's Fall Y'all!!!" (including myself!)  Be sure to check out the Fall & Halloween banners in my shop, The Fancy Yancey Shop - they'll make a great addition to your Fall & Halloween decorations!

Be sure to stop by & join the link-ups!  Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fall Bucket List

If you don't know by now, I am a fan of list!  Like, to-do list galore, packing list, baby food list, house chores list... The lists go on & on & on!  But, it's what keeps me organized (my brain at least) & going!  So, no different with seasonal list! Fall is hands down my favorite time of year!  From the cooler temperatures, football on my tv, Fall scented candles, pretty decore & of course, all the fun things that we crazy people get to think up & add to the "fun list" - it's the best time of year!  I posted my Fall Bucket List 2 years ago (guess I was feeling too pregnant to worry about one last year?) & now that Jack is here, & at such a fun age, I can't wait to incorporate things for him too!

From Fall's past

+ Visit a pumpkin patch
+ Make pumpkin pancakes
+ Make some pumpkin-ish baby foods
+ Decide on Halloween costumes
+ Host a Fall/Football watching get-together
+ Do a Fall themed craft with Jack
+ Have a Fall beer tasting night!
+ Enjoy pancakes at the Ft Worth Zoo - Already on the calendar for Novenber!
+ Have a leaf pile "party" with Jack - We have soo many leaves I hope He loves it!

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Now if the weather would cooperate!

What's on your Fall bucket list??

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September Goals!

Ok... So I did not do so hot in August!  Well I was hot but... Ok, ok lame I know!  Anyways, I sucked at achieving my goals last month!  This month I'm keeping it easy (so I can feel accomplished) & actually get things done!  It's important to have realistic, attainable goals for yourself so that you're not always feeling like you're failing. Although some failure is good in life, it's never any fun. Success is much more enjoyable!  So, here's to a successful September!

August Goals

+ Have a date night with Matt Family date night success
+ Stick to our meal plans each week I'm going to give it to us... we've done pretty good!
+ Make a budget & stick to it... Err not so good here
+ Have a "no spending" week... Didn't happen... things keep popping up!!
+ Organize the office
+ Print Jack's 6 month pictures I got them back later than I figured so, it hasn't happened yet.
+ Walk/Workout 3-4 times a week... Fail!

September Goals

+ Organize the office - this place is a hot mess & now, more than ever I need it to be in working order!
+ Werk on growing my new, baby business - The Fancy Yancey Shop
+ Make progress on the garage organization project - Due Jan. 2016!
+ Print Jack's 6 month pictures
+ Stick to our meal plans! Eating out is killing our budget... & bodies!
+ Take some time out for myself
+ Get together for play groups 1-2 times a week!
+ Find some fun things for Jack around Ft Worth
+ Start making Christmas buying list - I know, insanely early but, we are on a bigger budget than ever this year!  & yes, I've actually bought Jack a few things already!

What are your goals for September?

Friday, September 4, 2015

Surprise! I Have an Announcement!

Hi y'all & Happy Friday!!  Sooo I've been a little MIA lately & for good reason!  No, not a new baby on board!

I've been working on a little somethin' somethin'... An Etsy shop - The Fancy Yancey Shop!  I am currently selling burlap banners of all sorts... Name banners for birthdays, baby or bridal showers, pictures, etc. You'll also find a variety of banners for weddings & engagements as well as seasonal banners!  Currently there are some Fall & Halloween themed banners in the shop ready to be shipped!  But, keep checking in as I'll be adding more banners as the seasons change & of course am accepting custom orders as well!

You can find direct links to the shop at the top right corner of the blog & over to the right in the side bar!

Business card design by Wonderland Design

So, I hope you will stop by & find something you can't live without!  Have your heart set on something & don't see it?  Message me & we'll make it come to life!

I hope y'all have a great, long weekend & happy shopping!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jack's 6 Month Pictures

The first of August we had Jack's 6 month pictures done.  I'm not sure how it works out that it's either really cold or really hot when we take pictures but, it is.  And looking ahead to his 1 year pictures it's probably going to be cold - sorry kid!  Regardless of the heat & us dripping sweat the moment we stepped out of the truck, I am so happy with how they turned out!  They capture our precious boy perfectly - his smile, his laugh & those to-die-for blue eyes!  One picture in particular - Jack in the rocking chair - I had my heart set on.  I envisioned Him in his baptism Jon Jon, sitting in the rocking chair out in the open with the sun setting behind him.  This picture is extra special because the rocking chair was mine as a little girl... Chelsea & Anna were able to capture this picture perfectly for us!!  So enough talking, here's some of our favorites from Jack's 6 month shoot!

And my heart melts!!

Pictures - A & C Photography // All pictures posted here are the property of The Fancy Yancey and may not be used unless authorized by the owner of this blog.


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