Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas 2015 - Jack's First!

Nothing like almost a month later recapping Christmas but, I finally have all of the pictures on the computer from both phones & the camera!

We had a very low-key Christmas which was nice after our tour around Texas for Thanksgiving & then making another trip to South Texas mid-December for my uncle's funeral.  It was nice to have Matt home for four days and really soak up that time as a family.

On Christmas Eve I made some white-chocolate covered pretzels and that was the extent of my "baking" this year.  It was unseasonably warm this year & I just wasn't in the baking mood.  That evening we went to Christmas Eve Mass.  Jack was great during church - you just never know how it's going to go with a little one!

By far the house with the most lights!!

Christmas morning... Ahh it was the absolute best!  Jack woke up about 7 and I brought him to our room.  We all laid in bed... Well, Matt & I did, Jack crawled & climbed all around like it was a jungle gym.  Truly some of my favorite times though with my two guys!  We finally decided to get up & around a bit later.  I wanted to get Jack's reaction on video so, I had Matt & him wait in our room while I got the video camera ready.  By Christmas Jack was crawling pretty well so, I wanted him to be able to crawl into the living room with the tree lit & presents under the tree.  It was the best thing EVER!  As He turned the corner his little eyes just lit up & He stopped to stare and take it all in.  THE most precious thing ever!

Twas the night before Christmas...

And then... Our first Christmas morning!

Jack was more interested in the shiny bows on the presents than actually tearing the paper off.  He got the hang of it eventually & loved playing with all of his toys! 

A semi-rare moment of Bingham playing with Jack.  Most days He is just annoyed by him - guess Bingham was feeling the Christmas spirit also!

Our sweet boy making his way around the house Christmas morning!

Afterwards Matt & I took turns opening gifts with Jack and later in the morning my family came over.  We exchanged gifts, took naps, watched football, ate Chicken & Dumplings & played Chicken Foot!  It was  a great, relaxing day - soaking up the time with those we love most!

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