Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Getting Organized in 2016

I feel like I am a fairly organized person, for the most part.  There's certainly areas of my home and life that could use some attention but, overall I feel pretty good about it.  However, I am guilty of organizing a space and implementing a new system only to have it fall apart a week later.  That rat race is what I'm tired of and ready to change for good!

So, in an effort to be more conscious about getting organized & not to overwhelm myself with big projects at one time, I'm taking things day by day & week by week.  I found a weekly organized home plan on Pinterest, from Home Storage Solutions, to tackle one thing around the home each week & have signed up for daily e-mails as reminders!  Again, a great way to get organized but, not be overwhelmed by a long list of "things to do".

Free printable list of the 52 Weeks To An Organized Home Challenges for 2016. Join over 160,000 others who are getting their homes organized one week at a time! {on Home Storage Solutions 101}:

I've also began participating in Emily Ley's 30 day Simplicity Challenge & have been loving it!  I'm posting my daily updates on Instagram (@shayna_yancey) and on FaceBook - The Fancy Yancey.  You can find Emily's post each morning on Instagram & FaceBook!

What things have you been doing to get organized in the new year?


  1. I am saving this list and printing it so I can check each week off he list what a great idea I love it

    1. Good idea!! Glad this is useful to others also!!

  2. This is such a good idea! I used to be organized but I swear kids has ruined it for me haha, also moving to a new house with two small kids has been tough. While parts of it seem put together I have so much crap in closets that I need to get rid of/organize.


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