Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Life Lately

We have been quite busy lately and in an effort to hop back on the blogging train, how about a good 'ol "Life Lately" post!?  I personally always love these type of post - who doesn't enjoy peeking into other's lives!?  Ha!  Sooo... What has the Yancey family been up to!?

For starters, we celebrated New Year's at some dear friends house.  This was our 3rd year to go to their house for NYE & we kind of like this tradition!  Babies are starting to be added & our NYE "party" is starting to get bit more tame - all ok by us & certainly welcomed!  We grabbed a quick family picture before we put Jack to bed & kissed him "see you next year"!

Matt's birthday is the 11th and we went to my Dad's girlfriend's house for steak dinner - it was all so good!  The birthday boy requested an ice cream cake for dessert so, a cookies & cream ice cream cake it was!  That was pretty tasty too!

I picked up this fun stacker at the grocery store a few weeks ago for $5!!  It has quickly become one of Jack's favorite toys - He really enjoys knocking them down & laughs hysterically!  So, it has become a nightly routine for Matt to set them up & Jack goes directly to the stack first thing each morning.  It's a sweet, fun way to start off each morning!

Last weekend was the first weekend of the 2016 Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo!  My dad treated us to the first night at the Ranch Rodeo.  It was so fun to take Jack to his first stock show & rodeo & have my Dad & Mary be a part of it too!  He enjoyed seeing the big tractors, LOVED "riding" the bull & didn't mind the fact that we were sitting right next to the live band during the rodeo.  We truly had the best time!

Our little bull rider...

On Sunday we had Jack's 1 year pictures.  Saturday Jack paid us back for keeping him out too late Friday night & was a total grump all. day. long!  So, I completely forgot to call the bakery & place an order for a smash cake for pictures... and only remembered when we got out of the house at 6pm to go get Jack's hair cut!!  In a total "I will save the day" effort I decided I would just make a cake myself - no big deal.  Except that my icing wasn't very "blue" & my "red" icing turned out pink - #FAIL  Luckily, Kroger had a cake that they were able to doctor up to go with the colors of his pictures!  Oy vey!

We of course did the smash cake last and after we had picked up the cake & balloons I couldn't help but, snap this picture of Jack.  Covered in cake & icing He looked quite content... and oh so cute!  It was certainly worth the mess!  I can't wait to receive some sneak peaks & share all of his pictures!  Also, how is my baby almost one!?  #quethetears #feelingalltheemotions

I feel like I've said this before.... well, I have but, it feels good to be back!  I'm hoping to pop in around here a few times a week.  I have some ideas for upcoming post but, would love to know what you all would enjoy reading also so, please leave your ideas in the comments!?


  1. That $5 stacker!! What a deal! It's so high! I love it! xx

  2. Him on that bull! Priceless!!! ONE YEAR smash cake?!?!?! I'm crying too! How is he a year old??

  3. OMG I cannot handle him on that bull. SO CUTE!!!!

  4. 1 already!! Wow!! that is crazy talk!! He is gorgeous Shayna. Love the cake smash pic and photo of him on the bull!

    1. I know, it has flown by! But, thank you so much!!

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