Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hello Friday!

How is is that the weeks seem to fly by!?  At least most weeks do!  Multiple times yesterday I thought "Is it already Thursday!?"  Yes, yes it is & that makes today Friday!

I've been away from blogging for a bit so, I'm really not even sure if these Friday link-ups are still going on!  Either way - here's my Friday Five!

Soo... I have a new found interest in Lilly Pulitzer.  I've always loved the bold colors & prints but, full retail has always been out of my price point.  Who am I kidding, it still is!  Ha!  But, thanks to some blogging friends... I'm looking at you Natalie I've been shopping around.  Y'all know I'm a bargainista so, if you know of some good resale shops let me know!

Last weekend after keeping Jack out of the house most of the day Saturday so that Matt could focus on getting work done on the guest bathroom, we had a family day on Sunday.  It was nice to have a slow morning and then venture out about town in the afternoon.  We decided to ride the miniature train around Trinity Park and we had the best time!  Until about half way through the 50 min ride when Jack was over it & wanted off!  We survived though and ended the ride with a smile on Jack's face - win!

We are considering taking a little dive into Tot School.  I'm not sure what our version will look like but, I think I'll be following themes that Kaitlyn has laid out in Simply Learning.  I'll have to tailor what themes & activities we do for Jack's age but, I'm really excited about this new little venture!  I'll definitely fill y'all in on how it's going!  Do you have any tips on Tot School?
Easy Tot School Curriculum:

It seems that toys have been overtaking our living room lately!  They get pulled out & strung all over the place only to find their "home" days later.  It was just getting to be too much so, I set out for a solution.  We moved our coffee table against the wall, sorted toys into different baskets and placed a few things on top of the table that wouldn't fit in the baskets.  It's only been like this for a couple of days but, we love it so far!  It's opened up the living room & feels like there's actually enough space for Jack to play and us be on the floor with him to play also.

Late night iPhone pics... Post/Pre-mess

These two... Over the last year Bingham has gone from cautiously curious to staying out of the way to now, cautiously playful.  Bingham will play with Jack, when he feels like it, they play fetch & Bingham will even let Jack "pet" him.  Jack is typically pretty good with Bingham and is getting better. It's safe to say Jack loves Bingham & Bingham loves  Jack most of the time!

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Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. great post friend! so glad i came across your blog! hope you'll stop by mine! happy friday!

    1. Thanks Caitlin! Super cute blog!! Hope you are well!


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