Friday, April 8, 2016

Our Visit to Magnolia Market

Oh heeey!!!  I'm surprised I even know how to log in anymore... But, here I am!  No explanation for my absence... Just life, business & haven't really felt the urge to be here. #realtalk

But, now for some fun talk!  One of my best friends & I took a quick trip to Waco, TX - only about an hour south of me down I35!  Our first & main mission was to visit Magnolia Market - check!  I had visited the market last summer when they were still at the small store on Bosque but, had yet to make it to the silos so, I was super excited!

First off, parking was a bit tricky but, after driving around for a few minutes we found a parking lot that didn't threaten to tow anyone.  So, we parked & walked a couple blocks to the silos!

Being a Saturday there were of course people everywhere... & all taking pictures. It's kind of funny because so many are seen in backgrounds of pictures doing the same thing!  We made our way into the store first & of course it was jam packed so, I couldn't really snap any good inside pictures. It's set-up super cute - duh & of course I practically wanted one of everything. We scooched our way around the store & managed to each find a couple items we couldn't live without.  I snagged a sweet white clay flower pot (that I managed to crack by the time I got home - hoping I can fix it) & a super soft "TEXAS FOREVER" shirt. I've seen Joanna wear this shirt & others on the show & just love how versatile they can be.  Dress them up or toss on quickly for a cute, casual look!

After we decided to peruse around outside & check out the grounds.  The garden is super cute & the small building had a sign on it that a garden shop was coming soon!  I don't have a green thumb but, no doubt it will be as equally amazing as everything else that has been touched with Joanna's fairy dust!

Next we checked out the silos & green space where kids & adults alike were playing yard games, jumbo checkers, etc. I can definitely see Joanna's vision of families piling in, enjoying some food truck food & live music on a Friday or Saturday night!

After we snapped some more pictures & made our way around town to a couple more shops!  We didn't make it to all the shops that were recommended to me but, that just means I'll have to go back for another visit!  Who's going with me?

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