Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

This weekend was an overall great weekend!  Saturday morning I took off early to get my hair done - chopped it off to just below my shoulders & I love it!  After I got home my guys had roses & a card waiting on me for Mother's Day.  I soaked up the roses but, decided to wait to open my card until Sunday.  Later Saturday afternoon we went to Azle where my Dad & Mary were having a big cook-out to celebrate all the sweet mommas!

The guys grilled steaks & everyone brought a side dish or dessert.  Mary also made Banana Pudding and needless to say, Jack handled cleaning out the bowl & licking the spoon just fine!  Later in the night we were even getting him to walk for the Banana Pudding - ha!  #willwalkforbananapudding

Mary was so sweet & spoiled me with lots of goodies for Mother's Day!  This top is from the LC Lauren Conrad line at Kohl's - I really love this line of hers!

On Sunday, Matt let me sleep in and wrangled the wild little one.  After I woke up (at 9am!) we had breakfast & pretty much bummed around the house all day.  We were a little productive in getting prepped for a yard sale next weekend but, other than that we pretty much vegged all day.  I sort of got down about it - feeling like a lazy bum - but, decided to embrace it & we stayed in our jams all day!  And we finally got this little cowboy to wear his chaps for the first time!

My beautiful Roses from my guys!

And one very sweet, adorable, squishy hand print of Jack's!  I will cherish this forever & ever... and request this be done every year!!!  <Insert allll the heart eyes!>

However you celebrated Mother's Day, I hope you had a great day!  I know for those of us who are missing our moms it isn't always easy - and I can only imagine it is the same for those who are longing to become a mom.  My thoughts are with all who struggle on these special days.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Home Tour: Formal Dining

I started our home tour a while back but, never finished it.  Here's to going room by room over the next handful of weeks!  Maybe by then both of the bathrooms will be completed!?  Ok, at least one will be for sure!

So today I'm sharing with you our formal dining space.  I must admit I use the word "formal" loosely because this table tends to be more of a catch-all on most days - diaper bag, purse, mail, etc. However, when we have guest over or have a party it is used & used well!  We've had so many meals around this table with family and friends & that makes my heart happy & thankful we created this space in our home.

When we purchased our house it was a formal living space with walls all around, a cased opening in the entry hall & no overhead lighting.  So, we knocked the walls down, re-textured, painted, installed electric & added a chandelier.  Today it is our "formal" dining room!

Matt built our farmhouse table {DIY plans here} & I bought the chairs at First Monday.  The buffet I found years ago at a yard sale, the wood/metal table was purchased off of Craigslist & the small black wooden table that holds our adult beverages was also purchased at a yard sale!  Most of the decorations are from our wedding, items passed down from my parents or things I've picked up at Hobby Lobby, Home Goods... and yard sales.  Clearly, I have a thing for finding bargains at yard sales.  ;)  I hope y'all enjoyed the tour of our "formal" dining room!


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