Sunday, July 17, 2016

Life Lately

I've said it before "I'm here!  I'm back!" but, I'm not going to say that again because all that gets me is a good two week run around this place and then I disappear again.  So, I'm here today... maybe again this week.  We shall see.  I have however, been craving to be here, to write again & let this creative side out again.  So, here I am... with a super creative life lately post.  You're welcome.  :)

Since I left off at Mother's Day we'll go back to May.  Matt & I had an awesome date night that was long overdue.  Speaking of, we're overdue again for a date night - we're really bad about making date nights priority.  But, we had a really great time that night together & no little one to worry about.

On Sunday of Memorial Day weekend we hosted a cookout at our house.  We had lots of friends with several little guys running around, playing in the water table, swimming pool & sand box.  It was a hot day but, everyone had a great time!
Water & then the sand box... we're clearly very smart parents.  Also, Jack had mosquito bites on his ears, hence the swollen, baby Hitch ears.  #winningatparenting

June was filled with a birthday pool party, Jack's first county rodeo, a 15 hour stay in the hospital for a bad case of croup and family vacation at the river.  There was certainly no shortage of fun... but, a possible shortage of sleep!
Despite his face, Jack loves the water just not so much the pictures sometimes

 The cutest little patient I ever did see!

Oh Concan... take us back! 

As of most recently we've enjoyed a Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market on the river - first time & we'll certainly be back again, enjoyed some lake time & Jack discovered how to climb up on the motorcycle - awesome!

Steel City Pops for the win!

Clearly, he's very proud of himself...

I hope you've enjoyed my photo dump!  See ya soon!

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