Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My First Fix - {Stitch Fix}

Well, I finally took the plunge... I finally tried Stitch Fix.  However, not without prompting from the fact that I won a $200 credit for working my little side gig.  I've actually wanted to try it for a while but, would never take the plunge to do something of the sort for myself.  So, I'm really excited I was able to have this opportunity & try it out.

I must admit, the beginning process was a little confusing - I think I may of been making it harder than it was but, nonetheless I was confused.  All worked out & my box of goodies arrived earlier than expected so, that was a nice surprise.  Upon opening the box I liked everything I initially saw and couldn't wait to try it on!  I'm no fashionista and certainly not a "fashion blogger" so, judge lightly when reading through here...

First up was this super soft & comfortable Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Top.  I loved that it was a neutral color & could be worn multiple ways (one of my request in my feedback).  I paired it with my Old Navy skinny jeans, a gold necklace & brown flats with mixes of gold & silver in them.

Verdict: Kept

Next up was the Papermoon Hennah Woven Hem Detail Knit Top.  At first sight I liked the top but, when I got it on it was just all wrong.  The way it crossed my chest made me feel like I looked bigger than what I am; where the print detail hits the cotton top & where it lands on me, just not a fan.  Overall, I thought the top was cute but, did not flatter me in any way.

Verdict: Returned

Next was the Papermoon Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse & Liverpool Mira Skinny Jeans.  I mentioned in my feedback that I would like some pieces that I could go out on a date night or events that I attend.  My stylist hit the nail on the head with this top.  The color was great, the sleeve detail was super cute & not something I've seen often and the overall fit was comfortable.  However, it was a tad too big so, it was a little too flowy.  I have the Mira Skinny Jeans on with this top & as far as overall look and comfort goes, I loved them.  However, they were a little too long for this 5'3" gal and were scrunched at the bottom which I wasn't a fan of.  Also, the top was just stretch... there was not button or zipper.  Now, some may love that but, seeing as how I still have baby weight to lose + some, they felt a little too much like maternity jeans.

Verdict: Returned both

Lastly, the Bay to Baubles necklace.  I'll be very honest, I was not a fan of this necklace at all.  As soon as I took it out of the box the first thing I noticed was how thin the pendant and chain both were.  For lack of a better word it just seemed cheap & not worth the $36 I could of bought it for.

Verdict: Returned

Overall, it was a great experience & I am excited to try again with a second box in September!  Want to try StitchFix yourself?  Click here to get started!  {<-- My referral link}

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