Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Target Deals and Steals

*This is not a sponsored post... Just passing along some great finds!

I have to admit, I may not buy everything at Target (because hello, money!?) but, I probably would come close if I could. Target has long been my go-to store & I am a true bargainista through & through. Combine the two together & you have the idea behind today's blog post. And who knows, maybe there will be more in the future. 

First up are my recent Dollar Spot finds. Confession: I avoided the Dollar Spot like the plague when it was first introduced. Now, I don't ever pass it up!  First, I found this adorable recipe book for $5. I have a basket full of recipes on different types of papers & there is no organization to it. I plan to transfer all of my recipes into the book & declutter the recipe basket!

Different sections for different types of recipes

Then I found these adorable burlap pumpkins this last weekend for $3 each. I just could not pass them up!  They will go perfect all the way through the Fall season.

Same day, another isle.... I picked up these sweet treats for Jack.  I haven't given them to him yet because to be honest, he was being a complete toot that day.  So, I've decided to hold onto them & give them to him on October 1st to kick off the month of Halloween!  With each treat being $1 each, this makes for a pretty inexpensive "treat bag".

Staying with the Halloween theme... I've seen these Grab & Go packs before but, Jack has been too young for them.  Each pack comes with a mini coloring book, crayons & stickers.  He really loves coloring and these will be perfect for our long trips in the car. And at $1 each I couldn't help but to pick up a few!

Other bargains to note...

Are you a Target Cartwheel user?  If not, you should be!

I picked up these adorable Cat & Jack boots for Jack the other day which were not on sale but, they were 25% off with the app.  Score!

Other items that I often find on the Cartwheel app are well... all kinds of baby products such as Boudreaux's baby products, the Up & Up Diaper Pail liners (SO much less than the name brands!), diapers & so much more!  I also find things like nail polishes, clothing items, and all sorts of grocery store items!

So, my last & probably biggest savings recently was when we purchased our second convertible car seat so that Matt & I could each have one in our vehicle.  No more swapping it out when we want to take the vehicle the seat isn't in!
Image result for britax boulevard clicktight light grey

The car seat is originally $379.99 at Target but, it was & CURRENTLY STILL IS on sale for $304!  Target is also running an additional sale on select Britax items (this is one of them) + you get free shipping for spending more than $25.  If you have a Red Card (which I do) you can save an additional 5% on your purchase.  With the combination of the sale, additional savings, free shipping & Red Card savings, our total came in at $293.19!  That's at least a $100 savings on this awesome car seat!

I'm still on a high from this savings so, take advantage while you still can!

Whew!  That's my round-up of recent Target bargains!

What have you saved on at Target lately?

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Becoming a Working Mom

As of August 15th, I officially joined the world of working moms.  I'm a full 3 weeks in to my new job & happy to report that we're finding our groove.  I still roll an eyes at the alarm clock though - not sure that will ever stop. 

As many of you know I've been a stay-at-home mom for the last year & a half. It was truly the best & hardest 1.5 years of my life.  I didn't really have expectations of what being home would be like, though I envisioned play dates & so forth being easier to get together. There were plenty of days I was bored out of my mind & other days we were moving from sun up to sun down - playing, running errands, etc.  I will cherish that special time I had with Jack though & will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Earlier this Summer Matt's job as an oil & gas Land Man came to an end. We were fortunate in the sense that this particular job lasted longer than originally thought but, it certainly put kinks in our life plans at that particular moment in time & moving forward. We have had to remind ourselves "In His perfect timing, not ours". So with the loss of Matt's job, being forced to put plans on hold & not knowing how long it would be before he found another job, we decided it was time for me to begin the job hunt as well. 

So, I began searching & thanks to one of my best friends, within a few weeks I was able to find a job at a local title company as an Escrow Assistant.  I've always enjoyed real estate so, this is right up my alley.  Although, I've never worked in title so I'm starting from the ground up. I'm truly enjoying learning everything & being the biggest sponge!

As for Matt & Jack... Matt has a couple of solid job leads but, the interview & hiring process for each have been long & drawn out. (Any prayers & good vibes for one to come through soon are appreciated). So, for now Jack is staying home with Matt & they're living it up!  Matt has been a rockstar of a stay-at-home Dad & I'm pretty sure Jack loves having him at home as well.  We will have one more hurdle to adjust to once Matt goes back to work & Jack begins school/daycare full time. (Also, one of the hardest things ever - another post, another day!)

As hard as this season of life is, I'm so thankful that it has all happened the way it has. We got some unexpected quality time as a family, I've been able to adjust going back to work while Jack & Matt have gotten some one-on-one quality time together as well. 


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