Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Life Lately

We have been some busy bees lately so, there is a lot to catch up on!

We'll start back in September!  At the beginning of the month we celebrated my brothers birthday & at the end of the month celebrated my Dad's birthday!  We enjoyed great dinners for both birthdays!

Yummy Mexican food for my brother's birthday!

& We enjoyed Lucille's for my Dad's birthday.  Bless him for picking such a great restaurant!

My Dad & Jack after dinner.... they have a pretty funny relationship - always playing!

We also had some very dear friends over for dinner one weekend.  I of course made Pumpkin Dip for the evening but, the best part was my little helper!  Jack was so interested in what I was doing & too often He is either starving or "we don't have time".  My heart may of skipped a few beats while enjoying this time with my precious little guy!

I mentioned here that I put together a Halloween Bag for Jack.  He has enjoyed using his new plate & utensils but, has really enjoyed his new glass!

I also added these two adorable shirts... insert all the heart eyes!

Most recently, Jack & I met up with my best friend Kimberly, her two daughters & her mom & grandma at the Dallas Arboretum.  It was right at an hour drive from our house & the entire time Jack desperately wanted to go to sleep but, never would.  From the moment we pulled up at the valet (because hello, solo parenting at the pumpkin patch! #worthit), got out the wagon & tried to put him in it... He. Was. In. A. Mood.  I should have asked Jesus then to take the wheel.

So, I carried Jack & pulled the wagon to meet up with Kimberly & the gang.  We first visited Pumpkin Village which is built completely out of pumpkins - super cool!  The girls enjoyed running around while Jack was mostly overwhelmed by the amount of people and clung to me majority of the time.

While in Pumpkin Village we took a photo opt in Cinderella's carriage.  Jack was clearly not thrilled about it & even more upset when I told him we had to get out of the carriage.  Oy!  Toddlers!  Unfortunately, our time at the arboretum went downhill from there with Jack screaming & crying.  I tried everything in my momma arsenal to help him & nothing worked.  I finally waved my white flag and headed for the car... which was the longest walk ever!  I'm pretty sure we were battling a few factors working against us - teething, tired and... being 1 1/2.  :)
I share these moments not for sympathy - although I heard a lot of it through the arboretum that morning, ha! - but, because this is real life, y'all!  Of course I wanted cute pictures at the pumpkin patch but, there were other plans laid out for us that day.  Life is not always the highlight reel our social media accounts make it out to be.

I'm not sure if I have ever been so glad to get home than that day.  Thankfully Jack rested for a bit & we seemed to have a better time the rest of the day.  Sunday was filled with meal planning, grocery shopping and football - a Cowboys win!!

Whew!  That's a broad life lately - we've been busy and not slowing down anytime soon.

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  1. How cute is the pumpkin village and the carriage? That is magical! Jack is so cute and I want to make some pumpkin dip!


  2. Y'all are so darn cute! Thanks so much for linking up today! Xo


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