Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Recipe Round-up!

I don't know what it is about but, when it comes to making a meal plan and trying to figure out dinners often times we get stuck and can't think of something fresh that hasn't been in the rotation in a while.  So, I've started working on a list of different meals - both crock pot friendly & non crock pot recipes that could serve as a good reference point when we do hit a recipe/meal block.  I plan to come back & update this post as I think of more meals or find more meals that are worth keeping so, check back from time to time!

Crock Pot Recipes

Fiesta Chicken & Rice
Potato Soup

Non-Crock Pot Recipes

Taco Zucchini Boats
Taco Night
Grilled Tilapia with Veggies
Homemade Pizza
Ultimate Chicken Fajitas
Turkey Burgers & Sweet Potato Fries
Pork Chops & Vegetables

Do you have any tried & true, go-to recipes that you want to share?  Leave them in the comment section for others to see!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Jack's 1st Birthday Inspiration

I've said it before & I'm sure I will say it for the rest of my life but, I do not know where the last year went!  To keep my mind off of the fact that I'm about to have a 1 year old & my heart from completely breaking I have been in full party planning mode for the last few months but, especially the last few weeks!

When trying to decide on a "theme" - yes, I went there & his party will be one of those big blow out types too, judge away.  ;)  Anyways, back to the theme... His birthday falls right in the middle of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Matt & I are both small town/country people & I grew up around rodeos & such.  So, I knew I wanted it to be some sort of western theme.  When thinking about all the traveling we did within Jack's first year of life we decided to take it a step further & do a "Made in Texas" theme.  We LOVE Texas & we love to travel the state - near & far so, it was a no brainer!  I've done quite a bit of research & digging and found so much inspiration from western theme parties & showers... I can't wait to put it all together come Saturday!

The big Texas picture gave me inspiration to have a map of Texas with Jack's pictures pinned to it in all the different places we've visited this year.  I can't wait to see his cake when I pick it up Friday - although it won't be the shape of Texas it will be the Texas flag with some other additions to it.  The western rubber ducks are part of the goody bags - along with Sheriff badges & mini bottles of bubbles.  I tried to make them fun for all ages!  I'm going to pick up a bundle of yellow roses and display them around the house along with a banner of pictures I've taken each month.

And since everyone has received their invitations I thought I would share it today too!  I created this myself in PicMonkey & printed them out at Walgreens for a few cents each.  My mom often created our birthday invitations growing up & I think it's something I will enjoy doing throughout the years as well!  I'm pretty proud of my first one for Jack!

You can see all of my Texas/Western party inspiration on Pinterest here!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Life Lately

We have been quite busy lately and in an effort to hop back on the blogging train, how about a good 'ol "Life Lately" post!?  I personally always love these type of post - who doesn't enjoy peeking into other's lives!?  Ha!  Sooo... What has the Yancey family been up to!?

For starters, we celebrated New Year's at some dear friends house.  This was our 3rd year to go to their house for NYE & we kind of like this tradition!  Babies are starting to be added & our NYE "party" is starting to get bit more tame - all ok by us & certainly welcomed!  We grabbed a quick family picture before we put Jack to bed & kissed him "see you next year"!

Matt's birthday is the 11th and we went to my Dad's girlfriend's house for steak dinner - it was all so good!  The birthday boy requested an ice cream cake for dessert so, a cookies & cream ice cream cake it was!  That was pretty tasty too!

I picked up this fun stacker at the grocery store a few weeks ago for $5!!  It has quickly become one of Jack's favorite toys - He really enjoys knocking them down & laughs hysterically!  So, it has become a nightly routine for Matt to set them up & Jack goes directly to the stack first thing each morning.  It's a sweet, fun way to start off each morning!

Last weekend was the first weekend of the 2016 Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo!  My dad treated us to the first night at the Ranch Rodeo.  It was so fun to take Jack to his first stock show & rodeo & have my Dad & Mary be a part of it too!  He enjoyed seeing the big tractors, LOVED "riding" the bull & didn't mind the fact that we were sitting right next to the live band during the rodeo.  We truly had the best time!

Our little bull rider...

On Sunday we had Jack's 1 year pictures.  Saturday Jack paid us back for keeping him out too late Friday night & was a total grump all. day. long!  So, I completely forgot to call the bakery & place an order for a smash cake for pictures... and only remembered when we got out of the house at 6pm to go get Jack's hair cut!!  In a total "I will save the day" effort I decided I would just make a cake myself - no big deal.  Except that my icing wasn't very "blue" & my "red" icing turned out pink - #FAIL  Luckily, Kroger had a cake that they were able to doctor up to go with the colors of his pictures!  Oy vey!

We of course did the smash cake last and after we had picked up the cake & balloons I couldn't help but, snap this picture of Jack.  Covered in cake & icing He looked quite content... and oh so cute!  It was certainly worth the mess!  I can't wait to receive some sneak peaks & share all of his pictures!  Also, how is my baby almost one!?  #quethetears #feelingalltheemotions

I feel like I've said this before.... well, I have but, it feels good to be back!  I'm hoping to pop in around here a few times a week.  I have some ideas for upcoming post but, would love to know what you all would enjoy reading also so, please leave your ideas in the comments!?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas 2015 - Jack's First!

Nothing like almost a month later recapping Christmas but, I finally have all of the pictures on the computer from both phones & the camera!

We had a very low-key Christmas which was nice after our tour around Texas for Thanksgiving & then making another trip to South Texas mid-December for my uncle's funeral.  It was nice to have Matt home for four days and really soak up that time as a family.

On Christmas Eve I made some white-chocolate covered pretzels and that was the extent of my "baking" this year.  It was unseasonably warm this year & I just wasn't in the baking mood.  That evening we went to Christmas Eve Mass.  Jack was great during church - you just never know how it's going to go with a little one!

By far the house with the most lights!!

Christmas morning... Ahh it was the absolute best!  Jack woke up about 7 and I brought him to our room.  We all laid in bed... Well, Matt & I did, Jack crawled & climbed all around like it was a jungle gym.  Truly some of my favorite times though with my two guys!  We finally decided to get up & around a bit later.  I wanted to get Jack's reaction on video so, I had Matt & him wait in our room while I got the video camera ready.  By Christmas Jack was crawling pretty well so, I wanted him to be able to crawl into the living room with the tree lit & presents under the tree.  It was the best thing EVER!  As He turned the corner his little eyes just lit up & He stopped to stare and take it all in.  THE most precious thing ever!

Twas the night before Christmas...

And then... Our first Christmas morning!

Jack was more interested in the shiny bows on the presents than actually tearing the paper off.  He got the hang of it eventually & loved playing with all of his toys! 

A semi-rare moment of Bingham playing with Jack.  Most days He is just annoyed by him - guess Bingham was feeling the Christmas spirit also!

Our sweet boy making his way around the house Christmas morning!

Afterwards Matt & I took turns opening gifts with Jack and later in the morning my family came over.  We exchanged gifts, took naps, watched football, ate Chicken & Dumplings & played Chicken Foot!  It was  a great, relaxing day - soaking up the time with those we love most!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Getting Organized in 2016

I feel like I am a fairly organized person, for the most part.  There's certainly areas of my home and life that could use some attention but, overall I feel pretty good about it.  However, I am guilty of organizing a space and implementing a new system only to have it fall apart a week later.  That rat race is what I'm tired of and ready to change for good!

So, in an effort to be more conscious about getting organized & not to overwhelm myself with big projects at one time, I'm taking things day by day & week by week.  I found a weekly organized home plan on Pinterest, from Home Storage Solutions, to tackle one thing around the home each week & have signed up for daily e-mails as reminders!  Again, a great way to get organized but, not be overwhelmed by a long list of "things to do".

Free printable list of the 52 Weeks To An Organized Home Challenges for 2016. Join over 160,000 others who are getting their homes organized one week at a time! {on Home Storage Solutions 101}:

I've also began participating in Emily Ley's 30 day Simplicity Challenge & have been loving it!  I'm posting my daily updates on Instagram (@shayna_yancey) and on FaceBook - The Fancy Yancey.  You can find Emily's post each morning on Instagram & FaceBook!

What things have you been doing to get organized in the new year?


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