Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Look Back: April 2017

April was an insanely busy month for us.  Probably as busy as the month before our wedding and we bought our first home & moved 3 weeks before.  Word to the wise, don't do that. :)

We were visiting with my Dad & Mary one afternoon and I snapped these pictures of my dad & Jack wrestling.  My dad is such a kid at heart & these two have such a special bond.  It's fun to see them interact and play together.

I began to realize I somehow don't have as many pictures on my phone of Jack as I once did.  Blame it on the combination of a few things but, as I tried one evening at home, in the car & then back home... this is what I got.  He is such a ham and is in that fun stage of doing the opposite of what you ask him to do.  #2yearold

In the middle of packing we took a road trip to Corpus Christi for Easter.

For Administrative Professionals Day, the girls in my office treated me to beautiful flowers and a gift card to the nail salon.  Then along with the other assistants from other offices, we were treated to lunch at Cheesecake Factory and shoe shopping by our local admin.  It was very unexpected on my part & such a treat to have such a fun day!

We ended the month by packing and packing... and celebrating one of my longest friends birthdays and welcomed her into the 30's club!  We enjoyed dinner at Vintage Car Museum and it did not disappoint!

Quickly... on to May!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Look Back: March 2017

March was a super fun month filled with a lot of celebrating!  We kicked off the month by celebrating my best friend Erin's 30th birthday!  We had dinner downtown Ft. Worth at Cantina Laredo & then shimmied over to Studio 80 where we danced the night away (well... until 11:45 for us to get home for the sitter) to 80's music.  It was SO much fun and the perfect way to celebrate my super fabulous friend!

The following weekend we celebrated my Dad and Mary getting married!  Their love story is so sweet and I"m so glad the Lord worked in each of their hearts and brought them back together.  We are blessed to have Mary officially be a part of our family!  My mom's two sisters even came to town to celebrate with us - they consider my dad like a 3rd brother.  So, it was really nice to get to visit with them a little extra that weekend and we all had the best time at the wedding.  Especially Jack as He danced his little booty off all night & was the talk of the reception.

That same weekend we also began house hunting!  (More on that later!)  But, not before fueling up at iHop with funny flapjacks!

Our 3rd celebration was for our nephew's 8th birthday.  They live about an hour from us so, we don't get to see them often but, no matter how long it's been Jack and his cousins always pick right back up.  I'm so glad that he has Chase & Ty as cousins because they adore him just about as much as he adores them.  It truly is the cutest, sweetest thing to witness!

We could't escape March without someone coming down with some sort of sickness.  Poor Jack got a viral infection the last week of March.  Thankfully, it didn't last too long but, still never fun seeing your little babe sick.  All in all, March was a great month!

Easter 2017

Despite the crazy season of life we are in right now, we still decided to pack our bags & go South for Easter weekend.  I'm so glad we did because Matt & I both agreed that overall it was a really great weekend.

Friday morning we planned to leave by 8, figured it would actually be 10 & ended up leaving at 9 - win in our book!  Jack did great on the 6 hour car ride, yelling at the big trucks, singing & watching movies. Thank goodness for the DVD player!!

We arrived at my aunt's house Friday afternoon & a little later went to my other aunt's house to visit & see her baby rabbits. She has a mini farm at her house so, it was fun for the little kids to see the animals.  I didn't think Jack would do well holding the rabbit on his own so I helped the first time. And then he wanted to hold it on his own after seeing his older cousins hold the bunny. Such a big boy!  He loved the bunny & didn't want to let go!



Saturday was our big gathering with family & Easter egg hunt.  Jack was more interested in riding bikes (he also discovered these while there) & breaking open the cascarones (confetti eggs) than actually hunting Easter eggs. So, maybe next year he'll be interested.



We also let the kiddos have their Easter baskets on Saturday since Sunday would be so busy. Again, Jack cared mostly about his new ball & bubbles than anything else. But, I know he'll get great use out of everything else he received as well!


On Sunday we packed our bags, went to church for Easter service & witnesses my cousin's little boy be baptized. After church we headed back North for home.

Hope you each had a wonderful Easter as well!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Look Back: February 2017

Oh February... The shortest month.  The month that will undoubtedly fly by, and it did.  And of course the month where I feel like we crammed alll the things in.  Although, we took a quick breather after January & wrapping up Jack's 2nd birthday party.  The first weekend in February we did absolutely nothing... and it. was. glorious!

We were soon swept back on our feet and celebrated my father-in-laws 75th birthday!  My mother-in-law actually put the morning together for him, Matt and one of his brothers to take a flight around Ft. Worth in a World War II plane - a Douglas C-47.  All three of the guys agreed it was a cool experience.

The following week we celebrated Valentine's day.... at home, sick.  Jack had started running fever the evening of the 13th so, Matt & I pulled half days at work and switched out being with him on the 14th.  By the afternoon of the 14th I could feel that "feel like death" feeling creeping in and had a mild fever and body aches to accompany it.  Needless to say Jack and I both visited the doctor the next day to find out that I just had an upper respiratory virus & Jack had strep throat,  What. A. Week!

To top it off, Friday began wedding festivities for one of my oldest friends, Brittany.  She lives in Colorado but, they were getting married here so it was a fun-filled weekend in Ft. Worth.  The wedding was held at the beautiful & historic First Christian Church in downtown Ft. Worth with the reception at Ruth's Chris Steak House.  It was a fun day of getting glammed up with the girls & then celebrating Brittany & David officially tying the knot! Ha!

We also closed one chapter of our lives, for now in February. We have been casually trying to sell the motorcycle since I was pregnant with Jack.  With Matt working such a distance from home now it's been at the top of our list to get him a commuter car.  So, one afternoon a guy text Matt about the motorcycle and by that evening it was sold.  Jack loved to hear the motorcycle rev up & thoroughly enjoyed using it as a jungle gym when the pipes weren't hot.  We had one last jungle gym session on the bike that afternoon before it was picked up.  I am most positive we'll have another bike again one day... after we put kids through college.  ;)

We wrapped up the month by completing a project we said we were going to do for a long time and just never did.  It ended up being a rather easy project, said Matt and we absolutely love how it turned out.  Now we're just sad we didn't replace the shutters on our house sooner!

That's a wrap for February!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Guest Bath Inspiration

Our guest bathroom renovation has been a long time coming & it's suffice to say my taste in design and decor has changed a bit over the (almost!) 4 years we've been in our home.

There's only one small window above the shower in this bathroom so, I wanted to make sure it was bright enough. I also wanted to stick with the same color scheme of backsplash we have in our kitchen... which is an overall tan/cream color. So, this wasn't my easiest feat.  When it came to the vanity I fell in love with the idea of an open bottom vanity. Because if there's one thing this house has, it's storage space. So, I knew I could cut the cabinets & go for a more open feel. (And I must say it turned out better than I could of imagined!!)

So, below is visual ideas of what I was going for... a more tan shower, light and airy colored walls with punches of dark furniture added in. 

I can't wait to share the fully finished product with you guys!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Look Back: January 2017

I knew going into January it was going to be a crazy, busy and slightly insane month... & that it was. Between the new year, two birthdays, a bachelorette party trip to New Orleans, a bathroom renovation & bedroom swaps, our plates were full!  We thankfully survived & have been whisked into February.

We started off the year by celebrating Matt's 35th birthday!  We went bowling for a bit & then out dancing with friends.

The following weekend I traveled to New Orleans to celebrate one of my oldest friends bachelorette parties!  I've been dying to get back to the Big Easy for a while and this was such a fun trip!  We had our share of amazing seafood & cajun food and drank plenty of Hurricanes and Bloody Marys to last us a good while.  Needless to say, I was thankful to have off work the following Monday as an extra recovery day.

The weekend I was in New Orleans was also the kick-off to the Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeo.  The stock show is like our kick-off to the whole year and we always have so much fun.  Jack loves, loves, loves the stock show & all things rodeo.  This night we were at Bull's Night Out & Jack was in little cowboy heaven!

For a long while now we've been working on our guest bath renovation on and off - for many reasons and will go into that in another post.  However, we knew Jack's birthday party was coming up at the end of the month so not only would we have many guest in our home but, also have family in from out of town.  So, "Operation: Complete Bathroom Renovation" was in full effect after Christmas & New Year's was over!  I'm happy to report that it was (mostly) complete the day of the party!  Full details & reveal coming soon!

As if working at home all day on house renovations and party prep wasn't enough we some how muscled enough energy to hit the town for another friend's birthday and celebrated at Pete's Piano Bar!  Was a fun night out with my guy, for sure!

The last weekend of January we celebrated 2 whole years of our favorite little guy!  We celebrated with friends & family on Saturday with a lumberjack theme party at home {party details here}

The day after Jack's birthday party we ventured back to the stock show so that we could take Jack by to see all of the livestock animals.  He loved seeing them all but, his favorite were the cows.  Matt had the great idea of taking our wagon so He & I weren't stuck carrying Jack the whole time.  That quickly turned into Jack pulling the wagon through the show barns, down the streets and through the exhibit halls.  Thankfully everyone thought he was too cute and didn't mind him running over them. ;)

Needless to say, Jack wasn't so sure about the Stock Show friends

And on Jack's actual birthday, January 31st, we treated ourselves to dinner at Torchy's Tacos.  Jack actually really enjoys their quesadillas and even their queso.  And of course snapping a descent family picture after dinner was a bit challenging with our crazy 2 year old.

Whew!  January was crazy but, such a fun month as well.  We've been taking it easy this first week of February but, we're gearing up for more fun stuff on the horizon.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Jack's Lumberjack 2nd Birthday Party

This last weekend we celebrated Jack's 2nd birthday!  We had a lumberjack theme party at our house and for January, the weather was perfect.  The kiddos were all able to play outside on the slide, in the sand box & push leaves around in the wheel barrow.  We sang "Happy Birthday", ate some amazingly delicious cake - Ft. Worth locals look up Lolo's Treats on FB - and opened many generous birthday gifts.  All in all it was a great day of celebrating our little lumberjack.

For decorations I kept it fairly simple.  On the big dining table I already had everything except the wood slices, which I borrowed from a girlfriend.  I found a cute bullseye bean bag toss game idea on Pinterest {here} and my aunt helped me create it.  I bought these bean bags and the game was a huge hit with the little babes and older kiddos!

 I found a cute bulls eye bean bag toss game idea on Pinterest {here} and my aunt helped me create it.  I bought these bean bags and the game was a huge hit with the little babes and older kiddos!

The food buckets I picked up at Target in December in the $ section.  Plates, napkins & ax tooth picks are from Hobby Lobby 

Printable Lumberjack birthday party set here

Pawpaw won the award for best birthday gift!  Thankful for older cousins who showed Jack how to operate his new horse & now, 4 days later he is riding all around the house!

We couldn't of done it all without the help of my two aunts - the phrase "many hands makes little quick work" comes to mind when I think of how much they helped out on Friday evening when they arrived through Sunday before they left.  Serious life savers, those two are & we are so thankful for their love & support of our little family!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jack Montgomery!


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