Monday, March 13, 2017

Guest Bath Inspiration

Our guest bathroom renovation has been a long time coming & it's suffice to say my taste in design and decor has changed a bit over the (almost!) 4 years we've been in our home.

There's only one small window above the shower in this bathroom so, I wanted to make sure it was bright enough. I also wanted to stick with the same color scheme of backsplash we have in our kitchen... which is an overall tan/cream color. So, this wasn't my easiest feat.  When it came to the vanity I fell in love with the idea of an open bottom vanity. Because if there's one thing this house has, it's storage space. So, I knew I could cut the cabinets & go for a more open feel. (And I must say it turned out better than I could of imagined!!)

So, below is visual ideas of what I was going for... a more tan shower, light and airy colored walls with punches of dark furniture added in. 

I can't wait to share the fully finished product with you guys!

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