Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Look Back: February 2017

Oh February... The shortest month.  The month that will undoubtedly fly by, and it did.  And of course the month where I feel like we crammed alll the things in.  Although, we took a quick breather after January & wrapping up Jack's 2nd birthday party.  The first weekend in February we did absolutely nothing... and it. was. glorious!

We were soon swept back on our feet and celebrated my father-in-laws 75th birthday!  My mother-in-law actually put the morning together for him, Matt and one of his brothers to take a flight around Ft. Worth in a World War II plane - a Douglas C-47.  All three of the guys agreed it was a cool experience.

The following week we celebrated Valentine's day.... at home, sick.  Jack had started running fever the evening of the 13th so, Matt & I pulled half days at work and switched out being with him on the 14th.  By the afternoon of the 14th I could feel that "feel like death" feeling creeping in and had a mild fever and body aches to accompany it.  Needless to say Jack and I both visited the doctor the next day to find out that I just had an upper respiratory virus & Jack had strep throat,  What. A. Week!

To top it off, Friday began wedding festivities for one of my oldest friends, Brittany.  She lives in Colorado but, they were getting married here so it was a fun-filled weekend in Ft. Worth.  The wedding was held at the beautiful & historic First Christian Church in downtown Ft. Worth with the reception at Ruth's Chris Steak House.  It was a fun day of getting glammed up with the girls & then celebrating Brittany & David officially tying the knot! Ha!

We also closed one chapter of our lives, for now in February. We have been casually trying to sell the motorcycle since I was pregnant with Jack.  With Matt working such a distance from home now it's been at the top of our list to get him a commuter car.  So, one afternoon a guy text Matt about the motorcycle and by that evening it was sold.  Jack loved to hear the motorcycle rev up & thoroughly enjoyed using it as a jungle gym when the pipes weren't hot.  We had one last jungle gym session on the bike that afternoon before it was picked up.  I am most positive we'll have another bike again one day... after we put kids through college.  ;)

We wrapped up the month by completing a project we said we were going to do for a long time and just never did.  It ended up being a rather easy project, said Matt and we absolutely love how it turned out.  Now we're just sad we didn't replace the shutters on our house sooner!

That's a wrap for February!


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