Sunday, May 21, 2017

Easter 2017

Despite the crazy season of life we are in right now, we still decided to pack our bags & go South for Easter weekend.  I'm so glad we did because Matt & I both agreed that overall it was a really great weekend.

Friday morning we planned to leave by 8, figured it would actually be 10 & ended up leaving at 9 - win in our book!  Jack did great on the 6 hour car ride, yelling at the big trucks, singing & watching movies. Thank goodness for the DVD player!!

We arrived at my aunt's house Friday afternoon & a little later went to my other aunt's house to visit & see her baby rabbits. She has a mini farm at her house so, it was fun for the little kids to see the animals.  I didn't think Jack would do well holding the rabbit on his own so I helped the first time. And then he wanted to hold it on his own after seeing his older cousins hold the bunny. Such a big boy!  He loved the bunny & didn't want to let go!



Saturday was our big gathering with family & Easter egg hunt.  Jack was more interested in riding bikes (he also discovered these while there) & breaking open the cascarones (confetti eggs) than actually hunting Easter eggs. So, maybe next year he'll be interested.



We also let the kiddos have their Easter baskets on Saturday since Sunday would be so busy. Again, Jack cared mostly about his new ball & bubbles than anything else. But, I know he'll get great use out of everything else he received as well!


On Sunday we packed our bags, went to church for Easter service & witnesses my cousin's little boy be baptized. After church we headed back North for home.

Hope you each had a wonderful Easter as well!


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